Agile PM Resources

It’s now been a few days since PMI announced their pilot program for an Agile Project Management credential, to be named later (but already being referred to by many folks as “APP” or “APmP”).  In the meantime, they have put up an “About” page on their website, with all of the details.  On that page, they provide a link to a “Resources for Agile Project Management Practices” page, which includes a list of seminars, e-learning opportunities, R.E.P. courses, papers presented at past conferences ($15 each, free for PMI members), and books, including four available to read on line, if you’re a member, at eReads and Reference.  The other books are available in the Practicing IT Project Manager bookstore. All but the Goodpasture book are available for the Kindle (and whatever device you have installed the Kindle reader for).

Title Author
Agile Project Management Jim Highsmith
Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme Robert K. Wysocki
Project Management the Agile Way John C. Goodpasture, PMP
The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility Michele Sliger and Stacia Broderick