New PM Articles for the Week of March 14 – 20

New project management articles published on the web during the week of March 14 – 20, 2011.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Elizabeth Harrin reports on week seven (of eight) of her “Maximising IT/IS Team Effectiveness” course with Villanova University.  This episode: “When Project Managers Lie About Progress.”
  • Glen Alleman has been busy this week.  His point: the antidote to bad project management is not Agile, the antidote to bad project management is good project management.  First, he takes issue with Jim Highsmith’s presentation at the PMI Agile Community of Practice.  Then, he expounds on the core principles of projects and their management, and he follows up with another critique of an Agile presentation, by Dennis Stevens.
  • Who says it isn’t rocket science?  PM Hut reprints an article by NASA’s Ed Hoffman on team diversity, virtual work, sustainability, innovation, and portfolio management.
  • Bert Heymans has developed a truly unique representation of project management processes, as a mind map.  Take a look!
  • Chuck Morton makes some interesting points about the transient nature of commitments, as “universally conditional … you have resources and team members as long as the priority is the same and project schedule is consistent.”
  • Brad Egeland recounts an example where having the most talented specialist available for his team wasn’t the best situation for his project.
  • Bruce Temkin has discovered three characteristics of transformational leaders.
  • New article on the PMI website’s Career Central page, “3 Ways to Leverage You PMI Certifications to Find a Job.”
  • Also on the site, PMI’s study of cost reductions achieved and still possible in federal government programs.  A link to the study itself is at the end of the article.
  • One more from PMI: Jim De Piante writes about achieving mutual trust between project manager and project sponsor.
  • Ann All reports that federal agencies are making progress on improving their approach to project management.
  • Bas de Baar shares an interview with Professor Jon Whitty, who talks about Gantt charts in the context of natural selection, and peacocks.  I’m not making this up.  Fifteen minutes, safe for work.


3 thoughts on “New PM Articles for the Week of March 14 – 20

  1. I agree, Elizabeth’s blog is one of my favorites. I looked into the VU program, but since I already have an MS in IT, I’ve been hesitating – the incremental value for me is hard to quantify.

  2. Thanks, to both of you, for the nice words about my blog. I published my overall summary of the Villanova experience last Friday. There was less IT content than I expected: it was all soft skill-based, so if your MS didn’t cover these aspects comprehensively then the course could still add some value to you, Dave.

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