New PM Articles for the Week of June 20 –26

New project management articles published on the web during the week of June 20 –26, 2011. We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to! Recommended:

Aaron Smith shares some techniques for resolving workplace conflict, from “The Exchange,” by Steven Dinkin, Barbara Filner, and Lisa Maxwell.
J. LeRoy Ward posted a string of ten short videos on the top trends in project management. Each 3 – 4 minutes long, all safe for work.
Craig Brown argues that estimates are not necessary for many activities that are called projects, but may actually be operations, in disguise. I agree.
Peter Saddington looks at the arguments for not estimating stories in Agile, and he is not convinced. Of course, neither am I.
Derek Huether presents the case for organizing around teams (a projectized organization) rather than the more common matrixed organization.
Mark Muallaly looks at the apprentice / journeyman / master model for career development, and opines on what it takes to reach the Master Project Manager level.
• Project management isn’t surgery, but Ty Kiisel argues that maybe heart surgeons can learn a thing or two from project managers.
Elizabeth Harrin reviews Lin Grensing-Pohpal’s book on managing off-site staff.
Bruce Benson recounts the tale of the new CEO who sent an Email blast to every employee, asking for their opinions. And then replied to all 2,0000 responses.
• Terrell Russell posted a request on LinkedIn for “lessons learned” from past projects, and Josh Nankivel replied with a whole list of them.
Sondre Bjørnebekk shares her idea for a “visual risk log” and provides a link to download the Excel worksheet she used to create it. Very, very cool!
Dr. Lynda Bourne writes about improving the quality and effectiveness of project communications with proper document design techniques.
Bas de Baar continues using his “adventure travel” metaphor for projects, with an exploration of setting up a temporary comfort zone, where the team will feel safe enough to take valuable risks. In a tent. But, what kind of tent? Ask the team!
Duncan Haughey shares ten very appropriate quotes that just might make you a better project manager. Or at least, more erudite.
Dr. David Rico looks at how software development contract models have evolved with the introduction of Agile project management.
Chuck Morton disputes the statistics quoted in the Standish Group Chaos reports. All successful projects resemble one another, but all failed projects fail in their own way …