New PM Articles for the Week of August 22 – 28

New project management articles published on the web during the week of August 22 – 28, 2011.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Harold Schroeder says the project management profession isn’t ready for the “new normal,” which must define project success in terms of value added, rather than “on schedule and on budget.”
  • Elizabeth Harrin continues her Summer of Books 2001 series with an interview with author Joanne Flin, and reviews of Rick Valerga’s “Projectegrity” and John Estrella’s “Lessons Learned in Project Management.”
  • Ted Hardy on creativity, new technology, and the iPad.  Quoting Alan Cooper, “You can’t save your way to creativity.”
  • John Reiling on Vincent Viola, right-brain skills, and “mental endurance.”
  • Kerry Wills notes that surprises can make stakeholders into “stake holders.”  Think Van Helsing, the vampire hunter …
  • Brian Egan argues that quality control shouldn’t be the factor blocking delivery of something of value – be prepared to selectively adjust acceptance standards.
  • Brad Egeland says that independent project managers shouldn’t take on every project.
  • David Blumhorst writes about “the adoption paradox,” where people recognize the need for change, but refuse to spend the time needed to ensure success.
  • Bruce Benson writes about the S-curve in adopting change, and the dip in productivity that always comes prior to the long-term improvement.
  • John D’Entremont interviews Leen Zevenbergen, CEO and author of Rip Off Your Necktie and Dance, about building a creative and enjoyable work environment.
  • Derek Huether asks, do you lead or do you manage?  You remember Theory X and Theory Y, right?
  • Joel Bancroft-Connors and his imaginary gorilla, Hogarth, discuss emotional maturity, per Stephen Covey.  “Between stimulus and response lies the ability to choose.”
  • Jorge Valdes Garciatorres relates an anecdote about facilitating meetings, and the need to learn by doing.
  • Peter Saddington gets a look at the pre-Beta version of Opzi’s new online collaboration tool, Blackcomb.
  • Patrick Richard missed the PMI Agile Community of Practice webinar on 8/22, so listened to the recording.  Too bad he couldn’t have made these comments when it was under way.
  • Johanna Rothman contemplates Scrum-but, which isn’t a rash, but the practice of Scrum without a Product Owner.  Which she argues is neither Scrum nor Agile.
  • Dick Billows shares a video of five presenters, and comments on their body language, delivery, and effectiveness.  Four minutes, safe for work.
  • Bas de Baar contemplates a “map of you,” depicting your past, present (in the context of your relationships with the team and the project), and future.
  • Bob Weinstein offers some thoughts on job interviews, “gotcha” questions, and the need to be your competent, thoughtful, cogent, and ethical self.