“This Is Halloween” – A Project Manager’s Perspective

An old friend, Larry Stevens, sent me a link to the YouTube video below.  Of course, it’s cool, and creative, and absolutely fascinating, but the first thing I did when I saw it was to mentally pencil it out as a project.  Define the scope for a home light and sound display based on a song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” design the presentation based on the layout of the front of the house, and script the light show.  Cost out the components, conduct the procurement, figure out how to test it, assemble everything in some staging area, and then install it.  Will it need additional electrical outlets?  How many, and where?  Cost it out, and schedule it.  Labor to mount all of the lights, devices, etc?  Pumpkins to carve, decorations to hang, and on and on.  Then the operating schedule, and plans to remove it after the holiday is over, and store it all until next year.  About half way through the video, I flashed on a scene from “Men in Black.”

Dee: “They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”
Kay: “What?”
Dee: “The stars. We never just look at them anymore.”

So I started it over, and tried not to think about what was involved in creating it. I hope you do, too.   Happy Halloween!

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