New PM Articles for the Week of January 9 – 15

New project management articles published on the web during the week of January 9 through 15, 2012.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Andy Jordan shares his project leader New Year’s resolutions.
  • J. LeRoy Ward and ESI present the top ten project management trends for 2012.  #9: Client-centric project management will outpace the “triple constraint.”
  • Elizabeth Harrin interviews team coaching expert Phil Hayes.
  • Bruce McGraw is applying insights from cognitive science to influencing decision making.
  • The PMI Agile Community of Practice is presenting a webinar on January 27, “Does Risk Management have a place in the Agile Lifecycle?”  Ummm … yes?
  • Peter Saddington is asked about hybrids – Scragilefall, fragile, scrummerfall, wagile, scrumban, kanfall, etc – and has to explain the humor in the terminology.
  • Jordan Bortz thinks Agile “mashups” might be a good thing.  You and Peter should talk!
  • Bruce Benson thinks there are two critical steps to developing useful project management metrics.
  • Bill Krebs has developed four metrics that he finds useful in spotting teams headed for schedule slippage: juggle, plan leak, execution leak, and jelly.  Not just for Agile!
  • Derek Huether thinks PMI registered education providers should give discounts to PMI chapter members.  To prime the pump, he’s offering a discount on his PMI-ACP course.
  • Joel Bancroft-Connors reflects on his new responsibilities, as one of the first PMI Agile Certified Practitioners, while Hogarth the gorilla quotes Winston Churchill.
  • Kiron Bondale articulates the rights and responsibilities of project managers.
  • James Grinnell articulates the Servant Leadership paradigm, with quotes from both Robert Greenleaf and Lao Tzu.
  • Kerry Wills lists the common characteristics of the leaders that he admires the most.
  • Aaron Smith has some thoughts on what your relationships with your team members should look like.
  • Bert Heymans has been counting up the cost of turnover.  Key metric: the “truck number,” which is the cost of a team member being run over by a truck.
  • Lynda Bourne on governance: “Most of the risks and rewards associated with a project or program are determined long before the project manager is appointed.”
  • Glen Alleman insists there is a hierarchy for applying the various requirements that define “done.”
  • Bart Gerardi has a new book out, “”No Drama Project Management: Avoiding Predictable Problems for Project Success.”
  • Sam Palani reflects on technical debt – where it comes from, and why we should consider it as a risk.
  • Lucy Clay reports that the UK Project Management National Occupational Standard (PMNOS), which will “describe the competences required in the occupational area of project management,” is asking interested parties to complete a survey.
  • Samad Aidane interviews Steve Bell on lean IT, and why it matters.  Just 36 minutes, safe for work.


5 thoughts on “New PM Articles for the Week of January 9 – 15

  1. Some weeks, there isn’t much to report. Other weeks, there’s more than most PM’s want to read. So I group related items together, to make it easier to cover (or omit) items of interest, as I did with Bruce and Bill’s links. I also like to find opposing viewpoints and follow one with the other, as I did with Peter and Jordan’s posts.


  2. Thanks for mention and I am glad i stumbled upon your weekly list. I follow a few weekly wrap-ups and now this one is on my RSS reader as well. Thanks

  3. Dave,

    Just have to drop in my two bananas as well. Discovered you when you listed one of my blogs and have kept you in my RSS reader since.

    Always an honor when Hogarth makes your weekly wrap.


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