New PM Articles for the Week of February 6 – 12

New project management articles published on the web during the week of February 6 through 12, 2012.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Ty Kiisel explains the role (and impact) of a shusa in the Toyota way of managing work.
  • Benoit Hardy-Vallee reports on research conducted by the Gallup organization that suggests behavior-based project management might be more productive than process-based project management.
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews Matthew Kelly’s new book, “Off Balance.”  I think I’m going to read this one right away.
  • John McKee says that the evolving role of women in the workforce is creating some new, persistent trends.
  • Derek Huether advocates pair programming over a weekly code review, and gets his client to find something half way between the two.
  • Peter Saddington offers some thoughts on keeping high performance teams … uh, high performing.
  • James King shares a framework for developing a “Project Charter for Lazy Teams” in an hour or less.
  • Tom L. Barnett talks about navigating through the 5 Levels of IT Resistance.
  • Saira Karim advocates adding Customer Satisfaction to the traditional project management trinity of quality, time and budget and provides a few best practices to follow.
  • Glen Alleman steps us through using a Plan of the Week to run 3 part project status meetings.
  • Eric Veal reminds us that being a good Project Manager requires mastering 4 foundational tasks.
  • Brad Egeland explains why saying no to extra requests can open an opportunity to say yes to informed project changes.
  • Jorge Valdés Garciatorres applies Dr. Alan H. Monroe’s 1930’s motivated sequence pattern to persuading stakeholders to say yes to your project.
  • Chris Talbot has some great takeaways from the InformationWeek: Outlook 2012 report.
  • Ed Reynolds give 3 theorems regarding making your boss look good and how embracing them leads to career success.
  • George Bradt says there are only three real job interview questions.  Of course, no one actually asks them, but they seem to hint around them …
  • Be reminded of the value of work\life balance by Joel Bancroft-Connors as he talks about “All work and no play is bad for the PM”.   And horses.  And gorllas, of course.

Enjoy!  And kudos to Sandra Buddingh, for doing such a great job selecting articles for the round-up!

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