New PM Articles for the Week of May 7 – 13

New project management articles published on the web during the week of May 7 – 13, 2012.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Elizabeth Harrin interviewed me during her visit to Las Vegas in February.  Thanks again, and hurry back!
  • Joel Bancroft-Connors gives us his all-encompassing description of what Agile “is.”  Not for your elevator ride, unless you work in a very, very tall building.
  • Tom Mochal advocates a slightly out of the mainstream idea: code reviews are Agile!
  • Will Kelly lists the top project management applications for the iPad.
  • David Taber uses monster metaphors to address the use of waterfall project methodologies for cloud deployments.
  • Peter Saddington recaps the history of Agile – the movers, the shakers, the influencers, and the drivers that got us here.
  • Glen Alleman asks: has your theory (of Agile) been battle tested?
  • Johanna Rothman explains what management really means when they say they want your team to increase their velocity (and how to do it).
  • Mike Griffiths expounds on how Agile projects address risk avoidance and risk reduction.
  • Jordan Bortz quotes Linda Rising, “Is Agile just placebo, and are its related benefits just due to the placebo effect?”
  • Nick Heath reports on Gartner Group’s recent findings on outsourcing trends.
  • Arras People, the UK project management recruitment specialists, have re-launched the Project & Program Management (PPM) Community blog portal.  It’s a good list of PM blogs.
  • Toni Bowers shares an infographic with the tell-tale signs of an over-worked employee.
  • Lonnie Pacelli describes the “good enough” leader.  One who knows not only when to start, but when to stop.  Like I always say, perfection is over-rated.
  • John Reiling says he’s a proponent of “breadth of experience.”
  • Jim De Piante offers some thoughts on managing the development of your project management career.
  • Josh Nankivel shares a “heat map” of where on your resume recruiters spend their average of six seconds.
  • Cyndee Miller summarizes Andy Craggs’ plenary address at the PMI Global Congress 2012 – EMEA in Marseille, France.
  • Bruce Benson has a run-in with the VP’s of Quality and Testing, who want to know why the Very Important Work of their teams isn’t producing the effect they expected.


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  1. Thanks, Dave! I think it might be a while before I’m back in Vegas but I watch it every week on the TV during CSI and try to spot all the places you took us!

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