New PM Articles for the Week of September 17 – 23

New project management articles published on the web during the week of September 17 – 23, 2012.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Timm Esque describes the “Map Day” planning technique, which focuses on deliverables rather than activities, and commitments rather than task duration estimates.
  • Glen Alleman contributes a lengthy explanation of the relationship between organizational strategy and project management, which delivers on that strategy.  Excellent!
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews Celoxis, a project collaboration tool suite with the option of web hosting or premises hosting.
  • Will Kelly notes some of the key features coming in MS Project 2013.
  • Anju Aggarwal lists the problems frequently encountered in change management.
  • Mark Horstman explains the biological reasons why change is hard – and why babies spit out those peas and carrots.
  • Todd Williams condenses a sales technique – asking questions related to situation, problem, implication, and needs-payoff – into a method to manage up.
  • Duncan Haughey lists his favorite tips for managing up.
  • Cheri Baker shares some findings from her recent experience facilitating leadership training for a bunch of environmental engineers.
  • Bernadine Douglas considers including your external partners in your project “lessons learned.”
  • Shim Marom reviews Stephen Duffield’s paper, “A systemic lessons learned and captured knowledge (SLLCK) model for project organizations.”
  • Bob Lewis shares his slightly tongue-in-cheek rules for estimating project costs.
  • Matilda Jernevad explains what a “social business” is, and why we project managers need to drive use of collaboration tools.
  • Mattias Hallstrom describes social project management.  No, not managing social projects – think “project management according to the Agile Manifesto.”
  • Peter Cochrane explains how the Royal Bank of Scotland apparently violated the Golden Rules of cutting a system over to production, to catastrophic effect.
  • Bruce Benson thinks we need to push problem solving closer to the people doing the work.
  • Jess Fewell shares his webinar and slide deck on how to succeed with fixed-price Agile projects.
  • Craig Brown shares a slide deck that explains the relationship between a product owner, as envisioned in Scrum, and a product manager.
  • Derek Huether recounts his personal lesson in process improvement – a simple change of footwear is empowering him to change his goals.
  • Bruce McGraw asks, do you make business process realignment a part of every IT project?
  • Michelle Symonds explores what she believes are the personality traits of successful project managers.
  • Kerry Wills is anxious.  And he figures that his anxieties, neuroses, and worries make his projects more successful.  Hey, it works for Woodie Allen.