New PM Articles for the Week of December 3 – 9

New project management articles published on the web during the week of December 3 – 9, 2012.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Elizabeth and Richard Larson examine power and influence – whether the PM and BA have any, and how it can be used.
  • Jason Hiner reports on how GE Appliances revived their aging business by embracing Agile approaches to business process transformation.  Highly recommended!
  • Elizabeth Harrin shares her roundup of interesting project management articles from the last two months.
  • Kevin Korterud recounts some lessons he learned from the PM on his first project, as a young system analyst.
  • Mike Griffiths, one of the leaders of the group developing the “Software Extension of the PMBOK Guide” notes that the draft is now available for public comment.
  • Glen Alleman expounds on aleatory and epistemic uncertainty as the two sources of risk.
  • Craig Jarrow says your Emails are too long, and offers some guidelines.
  • Kerry Wills notes a disturbing trend: managing by Email.
  • Bertrand Duperrin notes a recent study found that U.S. workers average 650 hours a year on Email, and asks, “So what?”
  • Sam Shead reports on a survey which found that Cloud decisions are increasingly being made outside the IT department.
  • Sarah Fister Gale looks at industry trends in healthcare software, and finds project managers leading the way.
  • Derek Huether is coaching a team that is new to Scrum, and finds they have some interesting challenges.
  • Johanna Rothman explains that Agile is not a good fit for every organization.
  • Craig Brown shares a fascinating video from Steven Johnson on “where good ideas come from.”  Four minutes, safe for work.
  • Kailash Awati adapts George Box’s famous line, “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful,” to point up a model of human behavior that can be downright harmful.
  • Samad Aidane is starting up a new series on essential leadership skills for global project managers.
  • Joel Bancroft-Connors offers his take on how to conduct annual reviews for an Agile team.
  • Greg McKeown looks up from a friend’s resume to note that her experience seemed too broad to be distinctive to a recruiter or hiring manager.
  • Ann Bednarz makes the business case for project managers and other IT professionals considering an MBA program.
  • The PMI Career Central LinkedIn group asked for advice from practitioners who successfully transitioned to another industry.  Here’s what they said!
  • Chuck Morton continues his series on scheduling with an explanation of task dependency.
  • Shim Marom thinks that a PM leaving a project before it is complete should be allowed to write his own obituary.