New PM Articles for the Week of May 27 – June 2

New project management articles published on the web during the week of May 27 – June 2.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Aaron Smith presents the high points of a Gartner Group report that recommends organizations learn to quickly identify failing projects, and halt them without prejudice.
  • Elizabeth Harrin starts a series of interviews with the authors of “Strategies for Project Sponsorship.”  First up: Peter Taylor.
  • Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike, uses a baking metaphor for building a project dream team.
  • Matt Turck helps us understand how the Internet of Things is evolving into a vibrant economy.
  • Dave Blumhorst expounds on the difference between programs and portfolios, and who needs each one.
  • Mike Griffiths explains how to get to shared leadership by “being the change you want to see.”
  • Adriana Beal explains how to become visible enough to have your contributions rewarded.
  • Patrick Gray notes the high tolerance some IT organizations have for bullying their junior staff, rather than developing them.
  • Bertrand Duperrin continues his analysis and commentary on Jane McConnell’s digital workplace and intranet 2013 report.
  • Jiju Nair gets into the nuts and bolts of calculating level of effort, reliably.
  • Shim Marom shares a 1.5 hour video of Statoil’s Bjarte Bogsnes explaining their “Beyond Budgeting” approach to managing their business.  Safe for work.
  • Glen Alleman was presenting at the College of Performance Management conference when he picked up an interesting quote on predictions.
  • Mattias Hällström recounts five trends in project management that seem to have reached critical mass.
  • Patti Gilchrist applies the lessons Bruce Lee used in developing his style of martial arts to using project management methodologies.
  • Ian Webster analyzes project management methodologies and frameworks with an eye to who benefits.  Not necessarily the project manager!
  • Martin Webster looks at how we can and should communicate project success.  Or failure, for that matter.
  • Roz Baker asks the question, “What is a project manager worth?”
  • Robert Bell shares five things that learning Spanish taught him about learning to manage projects.
  • Penelope Trunk tells a complicated story involving fainting, a cello and free books to explain three rules high achievers never break.
  • Kerry Wills has a new book coming out in August, “Applying Guiding Principles of Effective Program Delivery.”  Sounds interesting.
  • Bas de Baar and Lori Kane also have a new book nearing completion, “A Travel Guide for Transitions.”  A personal perspective on surviving change?
  • Bernadine Douglas looks at implementing the process and business lessons learned at project end.

Remember: Beginning on July 31, 2013, the PMP exam will be based on the Fifth Edition of the PMBOK.  Schedule accordingly, and don’t wait until the last minute!


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