New PM Articles for the Week of August 26 – September 1

New project management articles published on the web during the week of August 26 – September 1.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Vincent McGevna explains three important techniques: the five why’s, affinity diagrams, and mind maps.
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews Do Nothing! by Keith Murnighan and Real Influence, by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen.
  • Linda Mitton tells us why managers don’t actually do anything.
  • Soma Bhattacharya applies the broken glass theory, normally applied to vacant buildings, to team building.
  • Shim Marom explains the central theme of Dylan Evans’ book, “Risk Intelligence – How to Live with Uncertainty.”
  • Glen Alleman uses a vacation road trip as a metaphor for managing and planning in the presence of uncertainty.
  • Matt Heuser explains how to get started in project portfolio management, by treating projects as investments, rather than expenses.
  • Jen Skrabak summarizes the role of the portfolio manager, and previews the new Portfolio Management Professional certification from PMI.
  • Mike Griffiths is an advocate for leveraging the PMO to facilitate the success of Agile projects.
  • Chris Merryman continues his article on the role of the PM, in a transition to Scrum.
  • Johanna Rothman says that in Agile program management, everything starts with trust.
  • Martin Webster summarizes a classic book on project management, Robert Buttrick’s “The Project Workout.”
  • Brett Beaubouef notes that collecting functional requirements in silos can result in ERP implementation failures.
  • Joanne Wortman has worked on a few “cloud projects,” and shares some observations about what works.  And, what does not.
  • Peter Saddington hosts a guest post from Tiempo Development, on implementing Agile methods in multi-cultural work groups.
  • Ian Webster uses a clip from “Dead Poet’s Society” to illustrate why stakeholder management takes more than a two-dimensional chart.
  • Anthony Sherick has a short list of folks who might not be project managers, despite what their role description says.
  • Brad Egeland wants us to shut off our filters when briefing the project sponsor / client.  Just the facts, Ma’am …
  • Bruce Benson advocates for measuring, collecting facts, and … well, understanding the problems at hand.  Then deciding how to fix them.
  • Craig Brown shares a classic clip from a Steve Jobs presentation.  “It starts with the customer.”
  • Cheri Baker has been cleaning out her software tool box.  Here’s what she kept.
  • Kerry Wills has some points of etiquette to share, regarding shared documents.


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