New PM Articles for the Week of September 30 – October 6

New project management articles published on the web during the week of September 30 – October 6.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Didn’t get a chance to read all of the PM FlashBlog articles?  No matter – Shim Marom has compiled the “best of!”
  • Peter Saddington gets input from practitioners Don Gray, Derek Huether, Chris Goldsbury, and Mike Cottmeyer on making Agile work.
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews “Business Analysis and Leadership,” edited by Penny Pullan and James Archer.
  • David Hilson explains the difference between explicit and implicit risk.
  • John Goodpasture notes that few risks are surprises.  The hard part is actually hearing the warnings.
  • Martin Webster: “Innovation is not thinking different. It is doing something different.”
  • Donna Reed shares her thoughts on keeping the project team engaged.
  • Dave Prior interviews Scrum coach, trainer, chicken-and-pig cartoonist, and author Mike Vizdos.  Just 27 minutes, safe for work.
  • Cesar Abeid interviews fellow project management blogger Elizabeth Harrin.  Almost an hour and safe for work – what else would you expect?
  • Jennifer Witt shows how to capture lessons learned at the end of a project.  Or, in the middle.  Just six minutes, safe for work.
  • Patrick Weaver explains the difference between complexity and ambiguity.  No excuses!
  • Glen Alleman explores some key estimating takeaways from “Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering,” by Robert Glass.
  • Patrick Gray makes the case for collecting use cases, as opposed to identifying requested features.
  • Andy Jordan looks back fondly on a horrible project.  Well, that’s the sort you learn the most from.
  • Luis Seabra Coelho shows how loss aversion makes us disregard the sunken nature of our sunk costs.
  • Chuck Morton starts a new series on governance maturity, at level 1.
  • Neil Pragnell and his boss have a difference of opinion on whether to explicitly list what is “out of scope.”
  • Daniel Hemhauser shares some advice on how to spend the last few minutes before stating the PMP exam.
  • Scott Berkun has made a list of his favorite books about making software.
  • Kailash Awati considers software-as-a-service offerings from the perspective of transactions costs.


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