New PM Articles for the Week of October 7 – 13


New project management articles published on the web during the week of October 7 – 13.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  In the three-plus years I’ve been curating these weekly lists, I’ve always grouped related items, although that wasn’t always apparent to readers.  So I’m now adding section titles to the groups of related links.  I’ll base the titles on the content, of course, so expect them to vary from week to week.  Recommended:

Must read

  • Elizabeth Harrin notes four benefits you can achieve with well-managed stakeholders.
  • Shim Marom lists some project management principles that apply to business operations, as well.
  • Scott Berkun has some advice for the next Microsoft CEO: hire leaders who are eager to experiment, and free them do it.

SaaS and the Cloud

  • Louis Columbus argues that Salesforce is more than just CRM as a service: increasingly, they are the Cloud development platform of choice.
  • Steve Ranger looks at how the Cloud is impacting outsourcing, still one of the few growth areas in IT.


  • John Goodpasture has discovered how 3D printers are making hardware development Agile, by shortening the feedback loop.
  • Peter Saddington gives his perspective on dealing with conflict – both healthy and unhealthy.
  • Craig Brown suggests a work-in-progress approach to project portfolio management.  A PMO Kanban board?  Why not?

Anticipating Developments

  • Daniel Burrus notes that we’re moving from rapid change to rapid transformation.
  • Adario Strange reports on a fascinating development from Disney Research: touch screens with tactile feedback.  Once you get past the potential Virtual Pet apps, the mind boggles.

PM Best Practices

  • Henny Portman reviews Simon Buehring’s eBook on Prince2.
  • Allen Ruddock provides guidance on estimating project task duration, starting from the WBS and working down to the details.
  • Andy Jordan gives a brief tutorial on how to conduct a cause and effect analysis, using Ishikawa fishbone diagrams.
  • Kevin Korterud walks us through a great weekly status meeting.
  • Chuck Morton continues his series on project governance, with maturity levels two and three.

Pot Pouri

  • Martin Webster explains what makes us introverts tick.
  • Sean Whitaker offers a concise explanation of project management standards, frameworks, and methodologies.
  • Daniel Hemhauser has accumulated a list of Twitter Hashtags related to project management.  Apparently, there’s a lot more than just #pmot. – who knew?