New PM Articles for the Week of November 4 – 10

Cherry PickingNew project management articles published on the web during the week of November 4 – 10. We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to! Recommended:

Must read

  • Andrea Brockmeier recommends: if some project team members have to call in to a meeting, then everyone should, in order to level the playing field.
  • Don Kim has discovered a new book, the “A Guide to the Scrum Body of Knowledge.” But Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber is calling bullshit.
  • Jon Whitty argues that project management professional bodies are hampered by their business model from providing current knowledge and actionable information.

The Strategic View

  • Daniel Burrus: “IT is quickly becoming an integrated collection of intelligent services that are on demand, on the move, and on any device.”
  • Elizabeth Harrin has prepared an infographic on the benefits of project governance.
  • Anya Faingersh expands on her earlier post regarding the Craftsman / Scientist / Artist framework to address the age-old question: can a non-expert lead experts?

PM Best Practices

  • Shim Marom contemplates leadership agility, and the path to business agility.
  • Johanna Rothman has some thoughts on creating a healthy project culture.
  • Will Kelly shares some thoughts on making project management a team skill and behavior.
  • Andy Jordan offers some advice on managing high-achievers (and their egos).
  • Peter Taylor offers some tips on preparing for and delivering presentations.
  • Glen Alleman addresses the potential for success with fixed dates, a fixed budget, and a list of promised features (AKA scope).
  • Brad Egeland lists a few things your customer wishes you understood about them and the project.
  • Audrey Thomas has some specifics on how we can apply Lean thinking to our projects.

Podcasts and Videos

  • Samad Aidane interviews Dr. Harvey Maylor on his research into complexity, success criteria, and causes of error. Just 29 minutes, safe for work.
  • Cesar Abeid interviews Dr. Annetta Cheek, from the Center for Plain Language. Just 34 minutes, safe for work.
  • Cornelius Fichtner interviews Samad Aidane on applications of cultural neuroscience for project managers. Just 26 minutes, safe for work.

Agile Methods

  • Peter Saddington shares the most commonly asked questions asked during Scrum Master and Scrum Product owner training.
  • Derek Huether has prepared a Cheat Sheet to help new team members understand the activity of grooming your backlog.
  • Kelsey van Haaster tells the story of introducing Scrum to her organization, in the worst possible scenario, and how things are going twelve months on.
  • Michiko Diby explains how her team shortened their stand-up from 30-45 minutes down to a more productive 10-20 minutes.

Pot Pouri

  • Lynda Bourne references studies that have found physical changes in people provided with certain information, and what that means for your change initiative.
  • John Goodpasture has some advice, one consultant to another: be selective about your clients. And don’t be afraid to de-select the bad ones!


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