New PM Articles for the Week of December 30 – January 5

Six NewsboysNew project management articles published on the web during the week of December 30 – January 5. We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to! Last week for the reader survey – give me some feedback, it’s just six questions, and none of them mandatory! Recommended:

Must read

  • Mike Lindblom reports from Seattle on a “failure to communicate,” between the Washington State Department of Transportation and their tunnel-drilling contractor. So, it’s not just IT projects that suffer from this!
  • Aimee Groth reports that Zappos is going holacratic – no job titles, no managers, no hierarchy. “It’s creating a structure in which people have flexibility to pursue what they’re passionate about.”

The Future Starts Tomorrow

  • Teena Hammond reports the best quotes from a CxO roundtable on the most important business technology trends for 2014.
  • Matt Asay argues that adoption of the Cloud, as offered by AWS and other web service providers, is still just getting started.
  • Terry Bunio reports on the top project management trends he sees for 2014.


  • Kenneth Darter explains how to be a better mentor.
  • Saira Karim explores ways in which developing a culture of Reciprocity can improve the performance of our projects.
  • Cheri Baker describes the “team huddle,” a 15 minute stand-up meeting every morning, and provides a sample agenda and tip sheet.
  • Brad Egeland tells how to enforce accountability on your project.

Delivering Value

  • Glen Alleman explains why project accounting isn’t financial accounting, and why wrap rates matter.
  • Lynda Bourne explores how we can assess intangible value, using Edward de Bono’s Six Value Medals.
  • Pawel Brodzinski asks, value for whom?
  • Luis Seabra Coelho distinguishes between the project results and the business benefits.
  • Paul Houle demonstrates how to estimate the value of a (small) software project.

PM Best Practices

  • Tom McFarlin continues his series on lessons learned from managing open source development projects.
  • Steven Levy finds all sort of risk management counter-examples in the Robert Redford sailing movie, “All is Lost.”
  • Samad Aidane concludes his series on how to be a happy project manager.
  •  Allen Ruddock shares his three New Year’s resolutions and how he plans to achieve them.

Big Data

  • Jeff Bertolucci interviews data scientist Michael Wu, who groups big data analytics into three key types: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.
  • Angela Guess suggests some considerations for establishing data governance in your organization.
  • Michael Doberenz casts a critical eye on how we use (or, not) all of that data we’ve collected.

Agile Methods

  • Don Kim explains how the Liskov Substitution Principle can be applied to Agile project management.
  • Venkatesh Krishnamurthy made the Cutter Consortium’s list of the top Agile and Project management articles from 2013. And so did five other solid reads.
  • John Goodpasture answers the question: can Agile and “R&D” go together? Why, sure!


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