New PM Articles for the Week of May 25 – 31

New project management articles published on the web during the week of May 25 – 31. We give you a high-level view so you can read what interests you. Recommended:

Must read!

  • Rich Maltzman presents a Venn diagram, showing the overlap between project management competencies and sustainability competencies.
  • Lynda Bourne give us a history lesson on how theories of motivation have evolved since the early 20th
  • Craig Curran-Morton puts change management and benefits realization into focus as success drivers for today’s projects.

PM Best Practices

  • Elizabeth Harrin summarizes a presentation by Joe Griffith at the recent PMI Global Congress EMEA, on how to use stories in your project communications.
  • Cesar Abeid interviews project manager, author, and blogger Michel Dion on his new book, Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers. Just over an hour, safe for work.
  • Bruce Harpham summarizes the lessons he’s applied from Atul Gawande’s book, “The Checklist Manifesto.”
  • Shawn Dickerson quotes recent surveys that detail the sorts of meeting dysfunctions commonly found in modern organizations.
  • Brad Egeland shares some recommendations for keeping your project sponsor engaged.
  • Bernadine Douglas points out a few of the ways that a project manager can lose the trust of their stakeholders.
  • Allen Ruddock has assembled a list of controls for adoption by the new PMO.
  • Susanne Madsen interviews Benoit Jolin, a project leader from Expedia, on what distinguishes an outstanding project leader.
  • Andy Jordan describes a new role for the project manager in the overall portfolio – implementing organizational strategy.
  • Harry Hall lists several practical ways to motivate your team.

Agile Methods

  • Johanna Rothman announces the early release of her not-quite-ready new book, “Agile and Lean Program Management,” at Perfection is over-rated.
  • Mike Cohn explains why perfect attendance is not required at the product refinement backlog meeting.
  • Venkatesh Krishnamurthy applies lessons from a session on raising resilient kids to building resilient Scrum teams.
  • Henny Portman reviews David J. Anderson’s book, “Kanban: Successful evolutionary change for your technology business.”
  • Bruno Silva makes the case that the tester is also a software developer.

Nerd Links

  • Peter Saddington summarizes six online resources where you can finally learn to code (or finally get around to learning Java).
  • Adam Shostack points out the absurdities in the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls, as applied to encryption software.
  • Kailash Awati examines the text mining capabilities of R, the open source statistical package, using extracts from old blog posts as a database.
  • Google announces Brillo, an operating system for the low-power devices that will make up the Internet of Things. Note to self: don’t let the new refrigerator open its own Netflix account.



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