New PM Articles for the Week of October 5 – 11

Yet Another BalloonNew project management articles published on the web during the week of October 5 – 11. We give you a high-level view so you can read what interests you. Recommended:

Must read!

  • Swadhin Mishra and Preeti Jain give us their insights picked up while working on large transformation projects for global organizations.
  • Steven Levy finds eight lessons for project managers in new movie, “The Martian.”
  • Karina Keith shares two cool graphics on strategic planning. The first explains the What and Why; the second, the How.

Established Methods

  • Bob Kreha identifies teamwork lessons from an old fire-fighting technique: the Bucket Brigade.
  • John Goodpasture recommends another good read on managing across boundaries.
  • Bruce Harpham explains how to develop business acumen.
  • Cesar Portillo provides a slightly academic explanation of organizational change management, as a contributor to project success.
  • Ryan Ogilvie recommends testing your disaster recovery plan, both actively and passively.
  • Elizabeth Harrin shares three haiku with a project management theme, to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Agile Methods

  • Bob Tarne presents a “mapping” view of users stories, to help prioritize in a big picture
  • Esther Derby points out the environmental factors to consider when assessing improvements to team performance, following training.
  • Samantha Webb explains how her distributed Scrum team manages product backlog refinement, using defined acceptance criteria and a definition of ready.
  • Mike Cohn reviews considerations for processing items left undone at the end of a sprint.
  • Lynda Bourne tries to find a balance between SOP’s and agility.
  • Bart Gerardi continues his series on organizational agility, with an article on cultural agility.

Agile + Data = The Future

  • Nancy Couture gives us a lessons-learned from applying Agile methods to enterprise data management.
  • Nick Pisano reviews Neil Killick’s self-diagnostic, Are You Doing Agile Software Development, and the potential of Knowledge Discovery in Databases principles.
  • Lisa Morgan points out the bear traps in data governance, and how to avoid them.

Applied Leadership

  • Liane Davey explains why some issues should be addressed in a deep dive meeting, rather than a regularly scheduled team meeting.
  • Art Petty casts a critical eye on managers who complain about the Millenials. The problem isn’t with them, any more than it was with the Boomers 40 years ago.
  • Bruce Benson sees learning opportunities in the California drought: reducing waste lets you get by with less – a lesson for every project.
  • John Buchanan explains two of his three key principles to effective coaching. He’ll get back to us on the third …

Work Isn’t a Place You Go

  • Miriam Souccar gives us insight into the choice to live in one city or country and commute to work in another.
  • Kerry Wills reminds us, “Be yourself: everyone else is taken.”
  • Suzanne Lucas reports on very public abuses of the H1-B visa program.