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Pulling on the RopeMy job as the project manager is to get everyone pulling on the same end of the rope. That includes those who think the rope should be pushed, those who insist that the rope is inadequate, those with objections in principle to using rope, and the rope vendor. Over the years, I’ve come to accept that it’s OK if some folks just watch everyone else pull, as long as the watchers don’t try to coach the pullers.

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About Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon is a project manager with over twenty five years of experience in implementing human capital management and payroll systems, including SaaS solutions like Workday and premises-based ERP solutions like PeopleSoft and ADP Enterprise. He has an MS in IT with a concentration in project management, and a BS in Business. In addition to his articles and blog posts, he curates a weekly roundup of articles on project management, and he has authored or contributed to several books on project management.