New PM Articles for the Week of January 23 – 29

New project management articles published on the web during the week of January 16 – 22. And this week’s video: neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains how to stay calm, even when you know you’ll be stressed, and minimize the downside.

Must read (or hear)!

  • Ryan Ripley interviews Steve McConnell on software estimation in an Agile context and strategies to avoid bad estimation practices. Just over an hour, safe for work.
  • Tiago Palhoto explains the use of relative and absolute estimates in Agile projects.
  • Farhad Manjoo reports on the growing call for massive government investment in the US robotics industry.

Established Methods

  • John Goodpasture reflects on the way we perceive risks and those who identify them.
  • Cornelius Fichtner interviews Kristy Tan Neckowicz and Connie Inman on identifying and rescuing troubled projects. Just 30 minutes, safe for work.
  • Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy goes into detail on the Project Charter: why it’s needed, what it should contain, and the benefits derived from having a good one.
  • Kerry Wills wants our input for his new book on an evolved competency model for project managers. A simple survey, less than five minutes.
  • Mike Clayton gives us an overview of PRINCE2 2017 – from what it is to what’s changed.
  • Atif Qureshi provides a beginner’s overview of the most common project management and product development methodologies.
  • Michel Dion offers criteria for judging whether a project is, indeed, a project.

Agile Methods

  • Stefan Wolpers curates his weekly roundup of all things Agile, from Zombie Scrum to feature flags and Product Owner assessment.
  • Mike Griffiths follows up on his Agile DNA webinar and provides a link to the recording.
  • Natalie Warnert distinguishes between capacity and velocity and explains why the difference matters.
  • Andy Makar reflects on five lessons learned from teams new to Agile methods.
  • The Clever PM explains how to work with Service teams – the folks who spend the most face time with your customers – to gather information and drive acceptance.

Applied Leadership

  • Lolly Daskal suggests few things you can do to be perceived as a leader.
  • Ed Harrington explains how to get your team, your stakeholders, and yourself past negativity bias.
  • Nick Pisano offers an impassioned defense of empiricism and objective truth.
  • Coert Visser argues for a revival in the belief of the relevance of evidence.

Technology and Techniques

  • Evans Walsh points out the key steps to take when migrating databases.
  • Bertrand Duperrin contrasts the business cases for Slack and Microsoft’s Slack-clone, Teams.
  • James Clear offers the beginner’s guide to deliberate practice.

Working and the Workplace

  • Matt Kapko reports on LinkedIn’s ranking of the ten most promising jobs for 2017.
  • Johanna Rothman asks: do you hire for confidence, comfort, or capability?
  • Yan Lhert posts his remote worker manifesto: no more open offices for this night owl.


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