New PM Articles for the Week of February 10 – 16

New project management articles published on the web during the week of February 10 – 16. And this week’s video: Mike Clayton explains the concept of a discounted cash flow, based on a rate of return over time, and the related terms present value, net present value, and internal rate of return. The language of business includes a little math. 6 minutes, safe for work.

Ethics, Business Acumen and Strategy

  • Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer studied Tesla’s approach to innovation, industry transformation, and bringing new ideas to market and explain what they found. 6 minutes to read.
  • Greg Satell points out that information and communication technologies only account for 6% of GDP in advanced economies. The other 94% is where the real potential lies. 5 minutes to read.
  • Vizhdan Boranova and colleagues surveyed 11,000 workers in 11 advanced and emerging market economies on their attitude toward automation. 2 minutes to read.

Managing Projects

  • Glen Alleman shares links to a staggering number of briefings, papers, and presentations on all aspects of project management. I won’t even try to estimate the time required to read it all.
  • Praveen Malik explains start / finish dates, actual dates, and baseline dates in MS Project, with recommended practices. 4 minutes to read.
  • Harry Hall shows us how to create a project risk management plan. 4 minutes to read.
  • Linky van der Merwe suggests approaches for managing eight common types of project risks. 4 minutes to read.
  • John Goodpasture expounds on extreme risks—those events with irreversible consequences but low likelihood of occurrence. 2 minutes to read.

Managing Software Development

  • Stefan Wolpers curates his weekly list of Agile content, from metrics for experiments to design sprints to whether ‘Agile’ is a reactionary movement. 7 outbound links, 4 minutes to read.
  • Johanna Rothman shares her experience with separating software defect correction from developing “new” code. Very insightful. 4 minutes to read.
  • William Harwood reports on the investigation into software defects that nearly caused a catastrophic failure in the test of the Boeing Starliner crew module. 6 minutes to read.
  • Karlo Smid explains why 100% code coverage does not mean 100% testing coverage. 2 minutes to read.
  • Junaid Ahmed explains how continuous testing and DevOps fit together. 7 minutes to read.
  • Kunal Chauhan identifies the decision criteria for choosing between a virtual machine architecture and a Docker container strategy. 2 minutes to read, 8 on a nerd scale of 10.

Applied Leadership

  • Julia Brooke walks us through some of the symptoms of burnout in tech workers. 3 minutes to read.
  • Dina Smith coaches us on how to stop micromanaging and delegate more. 4 minutes to read.
  • Brad Swaim explains the research behind the recommended team size of “seven, plus or minus two.” 4 minutes to read.
  • Vicky Cosenzo finds some surprising leadership lessons in Chris Hadfield’s new book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Mental Models. 3 minutes to read.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

  • Patrick Howell O’Neill reports the conviction of Eric Eoin Marques, the man behind Dark Web’s Freedom Hosting. The FBI still won’t tell how they cracked Tor. 5 minutes to read.
  • William Akoto examines the vulnerability of the growing cloud of small, cheap satellites in low Earth Orbit to hacking and exploitation. It’s already been done! 5 minutes to read.
  • Lutfey Siddiqi opens with, “Cybercrime could cost banks an estimated $350 billion in the next five years.” The threat is huge, hard to model, and the past is not prologue. 5 minutes to read.

Pot Pourri

  • Brigid Ludwig explains the concept of ego depletion and notes several ways to recharge enough to make a better strategic decision. 6 minutes to read.
  • Lisette Sutherland interviews Yuri Malishenko on how visual thinking can overcome the complexity of communication and problem-solving. Video, 33 minutes, safe for work.
  • Scott Berkun asked Twitter for recommendations on a good book for non-designers to get some design literacy. He shares the top 15. 2 minutes to read.


New PM Articles for the Week of February 10 – 16
Article Name
New PM Articles for the Week of February 10 – 16
New project management articles published on the web during the week of February 10 – 16.
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