A Good Stopping Point

Dave GordonIn July of 2010, I published my first round-up of news, articles, blog posts, and other content of interest to project managers. I missed a couple of weeks over the last ten years, due to trans-Pacific travel and a relatively minor cerebrovascular event, but for the most part, I’ve kept up the weekly schedule. On March 29, 2020 I’ll publish the 500th weekly round-up. That seems like a good stopping point.

Without counting, I’ll estimate that I’ve linked to around 10,000 or so articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts, and so on. In a typical week, I read six for every one I link to, although it doesn’t seem like I read 60,000 articles. That’s a lot of content, and I offer a tip of the hat to all of the people who created it.

I finished my last consulting project at the end of January, 2018, and let my PMP expire by not renewing it in January, 2020. Maybe I should re-name the site The Retired IT Project Manager, but it quit being about me a long time ago. I’ll keep the site up, since there are also about 250 other posts on various topics that I wrote over the last ten years, as well as a couple of books and sample files still available for free download. Over the next few weeks, I’ll also upload new versions of  a few articles I wrote for other sites that are no longer available. If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll update and compile some of the stuff I’ve written over the last ten years that’s still relevant into one final book and make it available on Amazon, as I did with the data conversion book. “Selected Articles and Notes From a Curmudgeon” sounds like a good sub-title.

Speaking of books, I also want to finish writing the thriller I started working on a few years ago, about a road trip during a particularly scary flu epidemic. If it were already published, I might be enjoying better-than-expected sales. And another novel about the mystery of a jumbo jet that just … disappeared. The working title is, “The Sullenberger Maneuver.” And of course, I’ll spend more time turning perfectly good wood into sawdust, shavings, and chips in my garage workshop.

Thanks to everyone who ever hired or engaged me, managed me, taught me, worked with me, reported to me, listened to me, argued with me, read my stuff, commented, or thought about things that I brought up. Well, maybe not everyone. But almost everyone.

Peace be with you.

A Good Stopping Point
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A Good Stopping Point
On March 29, 2020 I'll publish the 500th weekly round. That seems like a good stopping point.
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