How to Be a Good Project Manager

The idea for this book came to Rogerio Manso after reading a post at that listed the TOP 123 influencers in project management industry in 2016. He knew some of us personally, but the majority only by following their personal website. As a project manager, he felt it would be very interesting to know what these professionals have to share about their experience in being a good project manager. So he decided to contact all of the 123 project managers to ask the following question:

In your opinion, what is your best advice to be a good project manager?

He didn’t expect to get many answers, but thirty of us responded with priceless advice and expertise. So he compiled the responses into an eBook and made it available to each of us, as well as his students at The Project Management Academy. As Rogerio says, “This eBook shows not only advice about how to be a good project manager but shows that the best way to learn is by sharing our knowledge. I hope that when you finish reading this eBook, you also decide to share your knowledge with someone. Teach someone….coach someone…. mentor someone…. add value to someone. Knowledge should not be propriety. Knowledge should be shared to create more knowledge.”

In that spirit, please feel free to download the book. If you have a feedback, please share with us. Leave a comment here or Email your comments to Rogerio at Or reach out to the project manager whose advice you want to respond to.

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