Waterfall to Agile

Waterfall to AgileThe good folks at WorkFront (formerly AtTask) asked me to contribute an essay to their eBook, “Waterfall to Agile: Making the Transition to Agile or a Mixed Methodology Approach.” Twenty Agile and project management practitioners and authors contributed, including myself. It’s a wide-ranging collection of essays, addressing topics from selecting Agile methods, to implementing them, to making Agile methods the new normal. You can download it for free, here.

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  1. Hi, I tried to download the book but I could not get past an error on providing a valid phone number. Can you provide me with the format required for South Africa. I know I had it correct from my side but its not acceptable to the site. Many thanks, ROB ROWAN

  2. Hi Rob,

    Try entering 888-987-6667. That’s the reservations number for the Bellagio, here in Las Vegas.

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