Survey: State of Software Development

Survey TakerI don’t normally promote surveys, even those pushed by PMI. But Tamas Torok and the folks at Coding Sans are collecting data for the 2018 update to their State of Software Development report. Last year’s report was probably the most interesting of the 40 or so I read in 2017, in that it included both utilization and aspirational data on technologies and methods and practices for recruiting and retention. However, it was hampered by the fact that their responses were heavily weighted toward Europe. I suspect that if they can get more responses from the Americas, India, and Oz / NZ, the results will be even more accurate and actionable.

So even if you don’t manage software development projects, please pass this link along to one of your colleagues who manages development teams. The list of questions is comprehensive but it shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes to complete, assuming you don’t ruminate over “What have you done about it?” I believe they will close the survey around March 9. When they publish the report, I’ll include it in the weekly round-up.

Commonly Observed National and Religious Holidays 2018

As I remind everyone each year: if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to update your project schedules with non-working days for 2018. Below is a list of commonly observed national and religious holidays, and the dates they are commonly observed. Naturally, you’ll need to confirm which holidays apply to your project team.

And here are instructions for updating the working calendar in MS Project.

Holiday Weekday Celebrated
New Year’s Day Monday 1/1/2018
Martin Luther King’s Birthday (US) Monday 1/15/2018
Republic Day (India) Friday 1/26/2018
Ash Wednesday Wednesday 2/14/2018
Chinese / Vietnamese New Year Friday 2/16/2018
President’s Day (US) Monday 2/19/2018
Holi (India) Friday 3/2/2018
Good Friday Friday 3/30/2018
Beginning of Passover Saturday 3/31/2018
Easter Monday (UK) Monday 4/2/2018
May Day (China: Labor Day) Tuesday 5/1/2018
Early May Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 5/7/2018
First day of Ramadan Wednesday 5/16/2018
Shauvot Sunday 5/20/2018
Victoria Day (Canada) Monday 5/21/2018
Spring Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 5/28/2018
Memorial Day (US) Monday 5/28/2018
Eid al-Fitr Friday 6/15/2018
Canada Day Sunday 7/1/2018
Independence Day (US) Wednesday 7/4/2018
Pioneer Day (Utah, US) Tuesday 7/24/2018
Independence Day (India) Wednesday 8/15/2018
Eid al-Adha / Festival of Sacrifice Wednesday 8/22/2018
Summer Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 8/27/2018
Labor Day (US and Canada) Monday 9/3/2018
Rosh Hashanah Monday 9/10/2018
Yom Kippur Wednesday 9/19/2018
Sukkot Monday 9/24/2018
National Day (China) Monday 10/1/2018
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday (India) Tuesday 10/2/2018
Columbus Day / Indigenous People’s Day (US) Monday 10/8/2018
Thanksgiving (Canada) Monday 10/8/2018
Dussehra (India) Friday 10/19/2018
Veteran’s Day (US) / Remembrance Day (Canada) Sunday 11/11/2018
Diwali (India) Saturday 11/17/2018
Thanksgiving Day (US) Thursday 11/22/2018
Day after Thanksgiving (US) Friday 11/23/2018
First day of Chanukah Monday 12/3/2018
Christmas Eve Monday 12/24/2018
Christmas Day Tuesday 12/25/2018
Boxing Day (UK, Canada) Wednesday 12/26/2018
Kwanzaa Wednesday 12/26/2018
New Year’s Eve Monday 12/31/2018


New Post at AITS: Why Staffing Your Projects Will Get Harder

PMI Talent TriangleMy latest article for AITS was published today: Why Staffing Your Projects Will Get Harder.

Long-time readers of my weekly round-up have noticed that I’ve gradually aligned the sections to the PMI Talent Triangle: the Must Read section typically references content critical to strategic thinking and business management, while the Established and Agile Methods sections pursue technical project management topics and (Applied) Leadership has its own section. This article would fall into that first category.

Project and program managers need to develop business acumen and an awareness of their industry to the same degree that line managers do if they expect to be considered for advancement. This article analyzes current and developing conditions in the labor market as it will impact the availability of highly skilled workers. If you are able to hold up your end of strategic conversations about staffing, finance, and business trends, you’ll earn a lot more respect from the senior folks you’ll need to influence in order to keep your projects on track.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.