I’m Presenting at the CAMPIT Portfolio and Program Management Conference


I’ve been invited to present at the CAMP IT Portfolio / Program Management Conference to be conducted in Las Vegas, June 18 – 19, 2015. I’ll be presenting on our portfolio management approach and lessons learned from my time at MGM Resorts International. When I joined, we had 23 various properties, each with it’s own HR,Payroll, and timekeeping solution. My assignment was to merge them, so we could eventually implement a new ERP.

If you plan to attend, let me know. I’ll load up my Starbucks card and treat whoever shows up and mentions that you read about the event on my blog.


Hard Choices: A TED talk by Ruth Chang

One of my most common warnings to project teams is, “The most expensive part of any project is indecision.” I watched this TED talk by Ruth Chang yesterday, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Her point of view: Hard choices are those¬†where neither alternative is plainly better than the other. It seems simple enough, but for a project¬†team facing a number of choices in a short period of time, it can be a critical insight. Highly recommended.


Preparing for the CAPM Exam with Mark and Terri


Mark Phillipy and his Thumb

Mark Phillipy and his Thumb

Mark Phillipy, the man behind the giant thumb, is helping one of his colleagues prepare for the CAPM exam, and they been kind enough to record and share the experience. If you know a new project manager, or someone trying to move from project contributor to a more senior role, this series might be worth a look.