New Post at AITS: Risk Response Strategies Transfer and Avoid

My latest article for AITS was published today: Risk Response Strategies: Transfer and Avoid.

While most project managers and teams understand the Mitigate and Accept risk response strategies, few in IT really understand the Transfer and Avoid strategies. I use the example of a mouse and a trap to illustrate how all four can be considered when assessing a risk for the best response. Note that for any risk, Accept is the default strategy, unless you take specific steps to reduce the likelihood or impact of the risk event.

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New Post at AITS: Managing Risks That Evolve Over Time

AITSBloggingAllianceMy latest article for AITS was published today: Managing Risks That Evolve Over Time.

Some risks are always present, while others are episodic or cyclical, or even overtaken by events. For that reason, it can be valuable to consider the life cycle of a risk, in order to determine whether it needs special handling. I list three cases and explain the factors to consider in each case.

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New Post at AITS on Risk Tolerance

Risky Baby BusinessAs part of my continuing association with the site, I contributed an article on risk tolerance which was just published on Friday. The article includes a rubric for choosing among alternative risk responses, and some questions to ask at the beginning of a project that can help gauge the organization’s risk tolerance. The original title was a bit pedestrian, so editor John Friscia cranked it up to something a little more click-worthy. If you have some feedback, comments, or alternative thoughts on the subject, leave a comment there. If you have suggestions for future articles, leave a comment here.

Stop Lying to Yourself: How to Gauge Risk Tolerance

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