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I got a nice EMail from Immánuel Fodor in Budapest this morning. Immánuel has been following my weekly round-up via the RSS feed on my blog for years. Now that I’m no longer posting the round-up, I’d like to share the list of RSS feeds that I used for all these years. I’ve downloaded the OPML file from Feedly and posted it for upload, below. If you have your own Feedly account set up, or you use another RSS reader, you should be able to import this list. You might want to review and prune the ones you aren’t interested in, since this list generates well over 600 links a week.

If you also have a deep and abiding interest in project management (and no social life or cable TV connection), I would encourage you to curate a list of content, at least occasionally, and share it with the project management community.

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A Good Stopping Point


Dave GordonIn July of 2010, I published my first round-up of news, articles, blog posts, and other content of interest to project managers. I missed a couple of weeks over the last ten years, due to trans-Pacific travel and a relatively minor cerebrovascular event, but for the most part, I’ve kept up the weekly schedule. On March 29, 2020 I’ll publish the 500th weekly round-up. That seems like a good stopping point.

Without counting, I’ll estimate that I’ve linked to around 10,000 or so articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts, and so on. In a typical week, I read six for every one I link to, although it doesn’t seem like I read 60,000 articles. That’s a lot of content, and I offer a tip of the hat to all of the people who created it.

I finished my last consulting project at the end of January, 2018, and let my PMP expire by not renewing it in January, 2020. Maybe I should re-name the site The Retired IT Project Manager, but it quit being about me a long time ago. I’ll keep the site up, since there are also about 250 other posts on various topics that I wrote over the last ten years, as well as a couple of books and sample files still available for free download. Over the next few weeks, I’ll also upload new versions of  a few articles I wrote for other sites that are no longer available. If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll update and compile some of the stuff I’ve written over the last ten years that’s still relevant into one final book and make it available on Amazon, as I did with the data conversion book. “Selected Articles and Notes From a Curmudgeon” sounds like a good sub-title.

Speaking of books, I also want to finish writing the thriller I started working on a few years ago, about a road trip during a particularly scary flu epidemic. If it were already published, I might be enjoying better-than-expected sales. And another novel about the mystery of a jumbo jet that just … disappeared. The working title is, “The Sullenberger Maneuver.” And of course, I’ll spend more time turning perfectly good wood into sawdust, shavings, and chips in my garage workshop.

Thanks to everyone who ever hired or engaged me, managed me, taught me, worked with me, reported to me, listened to me, argued with me, read my stuff, commented, or thought about things that I brought up. Well, maybe not everyone. But almost everyone.

Peace be with you.

About the Weekly Round-up


I’ve been curating a weekly round-up of new content of interest to project managers since July 2010. With a couple of exceptions, I’ve managed to maintain that weekly schedule since I started. For all of you who read these lists and the linked content, and especially those who leave comments to the authors (we treasure the dialog), thanks.

I get inquiries from time to time from people who would like to add a post on their blog or LinkedIn or a corporate website to my weekly roundup. Naturally, I want to encourage new bloggers and give greater visibility to good content. To that end, let me explain how I curate the weekly list:

  • My publishing cycle is to post at 21:00 Sunday evening US Pacific Time (GMT-8), based on whatever appeared during the preceding seven days. We observe Daylight Savings Time on the same schedule as the rest of the US
  • It is difficult for me to stay current with the 200 or so sites I follow, so I use Feedly as my RSS reader. If your site doesn’t offer RSS, I probably won’t notice your latest post
  • If something is dated a day or two before the start of the week, but I believe it should be seen by my readers, I’ll link to it. Anything older than that is sand through the hourglass
  • I typically review 200 – 250 articles, podcasts, videos, and blog posts each week and link to the best of them, in my admittedly subjective opinion. YMMV
  • No one gets two links in the same week. Even if you wrote the two best articles of the week, I’m only going to send the audience toward one of them
  • I limit the list to 25 lines each week and group them by broad topic areas, to facilitate cherry-picking by the readers. Estimated reading time is based on roughly 250 words per minute
  • I include a link to a video or audio recording each week. Usually, it’s related to project management in some way, but I sometimes link to stuff that appeals to my off-beat sense of humor and musical tastes. Mea culpa

Note that some links may take you to a site that limits the number of page views if you aren’t a subscriber. If you’ve hit the limit but still want to read the article, it may be possible to access the URL by opening an incognito window. That said, if you are getting good information from a site, consider subscribing. And while you’re at it, support public broadcasting in your area.

I maintain a Blogroll on the main page of this site, listing links to sites I think my readers should be aware of. I remove links from the list when they appear to be inactive and add new links when it seems appropriate. Most of the sites on my Blogroll don’t link to this site, but it’s not intended to be a quid pro quo. That said, I believe in the power of community, and those who want to be read should be actively working to grow the community.

While I have in the past published articles by practitioners on this site, I’ve discontinued that practice. I don’t want post product placement puff pieces or publish “high-quality content written by [blah, blah].” I do book reviews if asked and occasionally post new practitioner articles on topics I haven’t already covered. If you have suggestions or feedback, please leave me a comment or drop me an Email.

As always, thanks for reading my stuff.