Weekly Round-up Satisfaction Survey

Survey TakerI’ve been publishing the weekly round-up for over eight years now. As you might expect, the format has evolved and the selection of content has shifted over time. Earlier this year, I changed the structure of the sections to focus on slightly different topics. It’s been a few years since I asked for your opinions, and this seems like a good point to get your input. I’ve created a short survey on Survey Monkey which shouldn’t take more than two minutes to complete. There are six questions on the six content sections, two questions on other parts of the format, and two on how you follow and how often you read these round-ups. All ten questions are either multiple choice or checkboxes. I saved you the agony of composing a text comment, but if you want to say something, please add a comment to this post.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff. And thanks for helping me keep it relevant.

Updated Privacy Policy

The GDPR is now in effect and so is our comprehensive privacy policy for use of The Practicing IT Project Manager website. The Policy is accessible under the About menu item at the top of the page. You can review it here.

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As always, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.

Paymo Recommends 53 Project Management Blogs

The folks at Paymo have compiled a list of 53 project management blogs that they recommend. The list is broken into three groups:

  • Individual authors (including this blog)
  • Project management software developers (including Paymo’s blog), and
  • PM training and consulting companies

Cartoon News ReadersI’ve seen a number of PM blog lists over the years, but this is the first one I’ve seen that took such a rigorous approach. The published list was developed by Alexandra Cote from an initial group of 300 blogs, reduced by those that no longer post new content. They also looked at how the posts were written, who wrote them, and if the information featured was accurate. Finally, they considered Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) to predict how a website can rank on Google’s SERP and the Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) that shows the strength of the blog’s backlink profile. They also looked at Twitter followers.

Naturally, I’m pleased and flattered to be included in this list of project management thought leaders. But I encourage you to check out the other 52 blogs on the list. And as always, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.