Webinar: The Data Conversion Cycle


I presented a webinar on Wednesday, October 10, based on my book, The Data Conversion Cycle: A guide to migrating transactions and other records for system implementation teams. If you are an implementation project manager, you already know that data conversion is one of the most complex parts of any project. I wrote this book to provide a resource for cross-functional project teams, to get them using the same terminology and to establish a collective understanding of the process and the work to be done. The webinar was sponsored by CompAID and I’m grateful to them for organizing and presenting it.

When the audio recording is available, I will update this page with a link.

If you would like to download the Powerpoint deck, click the link below.

My Interview with John Friscia is Now Live at AITS

I’ve been contributing articles as an original member of the AITS Blogging Alliance for three years, so when I wrote “The Data Conversion Cycle: A guide to migrating transactions and other records for system implementation teams,” Editor in Chief John Friscia offered to edit it for me. Aside from a deplorable excess of commas, he seemed pretty happy with my work:

“All in all, you’ve done an exceptionally good job of making this book readable, and by that, I mean I was actually able to understand 90+% of what you were saying. For a book on this subject, that’s no easy feat.”

High praise indeed, from an English major! After the book was published, John asked to interview me. We sent questions and answers by Email, and the finished interview is here.

Thanks for everything, John!

My Interview and Book Review at Project Bliss is Live!

Leigh EspyLeigh Espy and I had a great time, talking for over an hour last week. The original plan was to do an interview over Skype, but we had technical difficulties so we switched to a regular phone call. I was worn out from getting up at 4:30 AM for a conference call, and I was getting somewhat incoherent. But Leigh is a fabulous interviewer and one of the nicest people you could ever meet, so we talked about everything from Sociology to Agile adoption. Since she lives in Memphis, I explained Elvis Presley’s connection to the origin of the ZIP code. We even talked a bit about my book. And then she wrote an article that makes me feel very appreciated!

Leigh is a wonderful writer, with excellent story-telling skills that come through in her articles. I hope you take the time to visit her site, Project Bliss. She also has some great downloads available – I recently used her project scope statement template on a new project. Highly recommended!

The interview is here. Thanks, Leigh!