I’m Presenting at the CAMPIT Portfolio and Program Management Conference


I’ve been invited to present at the CAMP IT Portfolio / Program Management Conference to be conducted in Las Vegas, June 18 – 19, 2015. I’ll be presenting on our portfolio management approach and lessons learned from my time at MGM Resorts International. When I joined, we had 23 various properties, each with it’s own HR,Payroll, and timekeeping solution. My assignment was to merge them, so we could eventually implement a new ERP.

If you plan to attend, let me know. I’ll load up my Starbucks card and treat whoever shows up and mentions that you read about the event on my blog.


Must-read Articles, on PM for the Masses Podcasts

Garage BandI’ve been listening and linking to Cesar Abeid’s Project Management for the Masses podcasts for some time now. Last summer, he invited me to be a part of his “Project Management for You” interview series, and I invested in his Kickstarter campaign, to fund the writing of his book by the same name. So when he asked me to act as a “correspondent” for his podcasts, reporting on the must-read articles for the past week, I naturally agreed!

Each week, I send Cesar a recording to include at the end of his podcast, describing the three articles that most deserve your attention. I go into a bit more descriptive detail in the recording than I do in the blog posts, because I have a bit more time available. And because I’m a wise-ass, I include audio snippets from films and television that add a bit of color commentary. All of this over a low-volume Memphis blues riff. Typically two minutes or so, and safe for work. I’m sure Dr. Demento would approve.

I hope you enjoy this new outlet for my creativity, and take a moment to give me some feedback, in comments either here or at PM for the Masses.