Calling All (New) Bloggers!


Dennis the NewsboyI get inquiries from time to time from people who would like to add a post on their blog or LinkedIn or corporate website to my weekly roundup. I try to encourage new bloggers, and give greater visibility to good content. To that end, let me explain how I curate the weekly reading list:

  • My publishing cycle is to post at 21:00 Sunday evening US Pacific Time (GMT-8), based on whatever appeared during the preceding seven days. Here in Nevada, we observe Daylight SavingsTime.
  • If something is dated a day or two before the start of the week, but I believe it should be seen by my readers, I’ll link to it. Anything older than that is sand through the hourglass.
  • I typically review 120 – 150 articles and blog posts, and link to the best of them, in my admittedly subjective opinion.
  • No one gets two links in the same week. Even if you wrote the two best articles of the week, I’m only going to send the audience toward one of them
  • I limit to 25 links each week, although in some weeks it’s fewer. There’s no point in flooding the market.
  • This year, I’ve started including a link to a video or audio recording, apropos of nothing. If you send me a link to something that appeals to my gypsy cowboy, hippie Newgrass musician, traditional woodworker sensibilities, I’ll credit you.

I maintain a Blogroll on the main page of this site, listing links to sites I think my readers should be aware of. I remove links from the list when they appear to be inactive and add new links when it seems appropriate. Most of the sites on my Blogroll don’t link to this site, but it’s not intended to be a quid pro quo. That said, I believe in the power of community, and those who want to be read should be actively working to grow the community.

I have posted a small number of high-quality guest articles by practitioners, and several of them still get read every month, thanks to the miracle of search engines. Check out this post by Joe Smith to see what I mean. If you have written something you want to share with the project management community but you don’t want to create a website just to publish it, contact me. Note that this invitation is for practitioner authors only – please don’t spam me with product or service placements, “professionally written content,” or stuff your boss / client / colleague wrote.

As always, thanks for reading my stuff, and the stuff I link to.

Commonly Observed National and Religious Holidays 2016


2016 Calendar

To see the 2018 version of this article, click here.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to update your project schedules with non-working days for 2016. Below is a list of commonly observed national and religious holidays, and the dates they are commonly observed. Naturally, you’ll need to confirm which holidays apply to your project team.

And here are instructions for updating the working calendar in MS Project.

Holiday Weekday Celebrated
New Year’s Day Friday 1-Jan
Martin Luther King’s Birthday (US) Monday 18-Jan
Republic Day (India) Tuesday 26-Jan
Chinese / Vietnamese New Year Monday 8-Feb
Ash Wednesday Wednesday 10-Feb
President’s Day (US) Monday 15-Feb
Good Friday Friday 25-Mar
Easter Monday (UK) Monday 28-Mar
Beginning of Passover Saturday 23-Apr
May Day (China: Labor Day) Sunday 1-May
Early May Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 4-May
Victoria Day (Canada) Monday 23-May
Spring Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 25-May
Memorial Day (US) Monday 30-May
First day of Ramadan Tuesday 7-Jun
Shauvot Sunday 12-Jun
Canada Day Friday 1-Jul
Independence Day (US) Monday 4-Jul
Eid al-Fitr Thursday 7-Jul
Independence Day (India) Monday 15-Aug
Summer Bank Holiday (UK) Monday 31-Aug
Labor Day (US and Canada) Monday 5-Sep
Eid al-Adha / Festival of Sacrifice Tuesday 13-Sep
National Day (China) Saturday 1-Oct
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday (India) Sunday 2-Oct
Rosh Hashanah Monday 3-Oct
Columbus Day (US) Monday 10-Oct
Thanksgiving (Canada) Monday 10-Oct
Yom Kippur Wednesday 12-Oct
Sukkot Monday 17-Oct
Diwali (India) Sunday 30-Oct
Veteran’s Day (US) / Remembrance Day (Canada) Friday 11-Nov
Thanksgiving Day (US) Thursday 24-Nov
Day after Thanksgiving (US) Friday 25-Nov
Dussehra (India) Tuesday 11-Dec
Christmas Eve Saturday 24-Dec
First day of Chanukah Sunday 25-Dec
Christmas Day Sunday 25-Dec
Boxing Day (UK, Canada) Monday 26-Dec
Kwanzaa Monday 26-Dec
New Year’s Eve Saturday 31-Dec