5th Edition of the PMBOK In Development

A new update to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is being developed by a team of volunteers.  The team, led by David Violette, plans to review and validate or update the Fourth Edition.  As part of this effort, they will review for possible inclusion materials that were deferred during the development of Fourth Edition; review comments and feedback received since publication of the Fourth Edition; review all text and graphics in the Standard to make sure the information is clear, complete and relevant, revising as necessary; and ensure harmonization with other PMI Standards.

Also in development are a Practice Standard for Project Estimating, Second Editions of the Practice Standard for Scheduling and the Practice Standard for Earned Value Management, the Third Edition of The Standard for Program Management, and a completely new reference, The Project Management Lexicon.  All development teams are currently closed to volunteers.  PMI has a short video with more information on standards working sessions.

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Dave Gordon is a project manager with over twenty five years of experience in implementing human capital management and payroll systems, including SaaS solutions like Workday and premises-based ERP solutions like PeopleSoft and ADP Enterprise. He has an MS in IT with a concentration in project management, and a BS in Business. In addition to his articles and blog posts, he curates a weekly roundup of articles on project management, and he has authored or contributed to several books on project management.

2 thoughts on “5th Edition of the PMBOK In Development

  1. Oh golly, I had better get that PMP exam taken and passed before the next edition comes out!

  2. I got an EMail from Kristin Vitello at PMI this morning. She says the committee expects to place the exposure draft on the PMI website on January 11, 2012. So you’ve got fifteen months until the exposure draft, and likely at least six months after that before the finalize it.

    That said, get on the stick, Roz! Take that exam and pass it before Thanksgiving, while all that training is still semi-fresh in your mind.

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