New on the PMI Website – PMP Credential Exam Outline and an Exposure Draft Practice Standard

As I reported in September, the Project Management Professional credential examination is being revised based on the findings of the recent Role Delineation Study.  The new exam goes into service on August 31, 2011. The PMP Examination Content Outline will be the source of information you’ll need to prepare for the new exam.  At twenty pages, it’s a quick read.

The exam is built on five performance domains, corresponding to the five process groups described in the PMBOK.  Each domain is described in terms of the tasks associated with the domain, and the knowledge and skills associated with the tasks.  The final section of the outline is called “Cross-cutting knowledge and skills,” and includes a number of the “soft skills” that the PMBOK alludes to, but doesn’t really explore, such as active listening, brainstorming, and so on.  The Outline introduction pointedly states that, while the PMBOK and the Outline have commonalities, candidates studying for the examination should read other current titles on project management.  They specifically suggest eReads and Reference, PMI’s partnership with Books 24×7, as a source of material – one more reason to join PMI.

Also for comment through December 4, 2010 is the exposure draft for the second edition of the Practice Standard for Scheduling.  PMI is encouraging interested parties to submit the comments and recommendations by that date.

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