New PM Articles for the Week of July 4 –10

New project management articles published on the web during the week of July 4 –10, 2011.  We read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • A recent survey of U.S. information technology workers found that only 30% felt status meetings helped them accomplish work tasks.    So, how do we convince the other 70% to come, anyway?
  • Elizabeth Harrin completes her two-part series on managing in a matrix structure, and shares a video on management of value.  “Value is the ratio of satisfaction of needs over use of resources.”  Nine minutes, safe for work.
  • Kerry Wills has come to realize that nothing is simple in IT projects.  Fortunately, he has some plans to deal with it.
  • Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina explains the benefits of a Change Control Board.
  • Andrew Makar shares some lessons learned in the “forming” and “storming” phases of team development.
  • Paul Boos wants to use Chinese Feng Shui techniques, mixed with Japanese approaches to innovation, to create an Agile culture of innovation in government agencies. No, really!
  • Mike Griffiths looks at expanding the application of Agile techniques outside of the software development domain.
  • Glen Alleman addresses project governance and Agile development, asking, “How do we increase the probability of success for a project?”
  • Ted Hardy considers using a product development model from the Lean Start-up scene to define a “minimally viable project.”
  • Craig Brown shares a video from Tobias Meyer on “the speedboat game,” a safe way to discover what customers are dissatisfied with.  Five minutes, safe for work.
  • Mike Donoghue looks at why legacy systems are inhibiting adoption of cloud-based solutions, and what might be done about it.
  • Mike Inman suggests an alternative view of our basis for trust.
  • Scott Lowe share his recent experience with “rural sourcing” on a development project.
  • Demetrios Gianniris wants us to apply emotional intelligence to project management.
  • Chuck Morton says the root of failure for “high-novelty” IT projects is simply our willingness to provide estimates, before we really understand what we’re going to do.
  • “Project Shrink” Bas de Baar considers essential conversations, like “Where do babies come from?”  And other topics we handle with metaphors.
  • “Project Whisperer” Pam Stanton shares her top presentation tips.
  • Brad Egeland insists there are more constraints on a project than just time, resources, and quality, and he proceeds to name eight more.


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