New PM Articles for the week of April 9 – 15

New project management articles published on the web during the week of April 9 – 15, 2012.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Mike Griffiths talks about Harnessing the Team for Agile Risk Management.
  • Dmitri Ivanenko shares four elements that contribute or detract from productivity.
  • Glen D. Ford looks at organizing a project from the view of the Sponsor.
  • Ty Kiisel asks what time are you going home tonight?
  • Wayne Grant shares how varying the format of project retrospectives increases their effectiveness and shares some examples.
  • Derek Huether explains the value of measuring team emotion during retroactives.
  • Katia Sullivan looks at pursuing quality, rather than simply trying to measure it.
  • Bruce Benson explains why project managers should not set up metrics to measure improvement projects.
  • Todd Cameron has looked at various adoption patterns, and decided that it’s simpler to assign people to one of three broad groups.  And they’re not who you’d expect.
  • Yakov Fain points out what project managers can learn from the “security theatre” performed at every airport.
  • Patrick Richard reflects on the Welchism, “Under promise but over deliver.”
  • Calvin Sun shares ten project management lessons learned from the sinking of the Titanic.  The next time you need an example of clueless management, use number 6.
  • Glen Alleman says a plan is not enough; all projects must have a strategy for success.
  • Toni Bowers warns of the lure of self-promotion as a substitute for skills.
  • Vivian Giang reports on a study of recruiters, determining what they focus on during the six seconds (!) they spend on your resume.
  • Bruce McGraw lists the top ten signs you may not be a project manager.
  • Peter Saddington translates: what project managers say, and what they really mean.
  • Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson join forces with Eric Lamond to consider the burning question: Were the Three Stooges good project managers?