New PM Articles for the week of May 14 – 20

New project management articles published on the web during the week of May 14 – 20, 2012. Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to! Recommended:

  • Ty Kiisel shares his thoughts on leveraging social media tools and techniques to improve project communications and how people feel about their work.
  • Elizabeth Harrin has four suggestions for using blogs on your project.
  • Steve Hart reminds us that projects are fun and lists 6 ways that PMs can enhance the project environment for team members.
  • Don McAlister advocates making project schedules more credible.
  • Brad Egeland provides an introduction to reasons for missing deadlines in Avoiding the Missed Deadline Problem – Part 1 and continues the explanation in Part 2.
  • Todd C. Williams looks at the difference between management and leadership in regards to Superiors and Stakeholders.
  • Lynda Bourne has adopted three ideas based on the decentralized leadership theories of the military to project management.
  • Joel Bancroft-Connors and Hogarth trace the similarities between Community Emergency Response Team procedures and project management.
  • Russ Banham looks at the CFO as a project manager: making the business case, finding the critical path, driving accountability.  Seems like a good match!
  • Robert Mitchell reports from the ServiceNow user conference, where he finds that IS service management is benefitting from SaaS.  Even for project management.
  • Joshua Bjerke summarizes a report from Adecco Staffing listing the top ten U.S. cities to find jobs right now.  Note: none of them are west of Austin.
  • Steve Ranger reports, “IT Needs Women!”  Or at least, more CIO’s are actively trying to recruit more women, for a lot of excellent reasons.
  • Meanwhile, Toni Bowers has some advice from Harry Croft, a former Army doctor, on recruiting veterans, and for veterans looking for jobs.  Plus, a PM resume makeover!
  • Lisa Crispin looks at organizations who mix elements of Scrum and Kanban, producing an approach some of us call Scrumban.
  • Derek Huether recounts a tale of blind men, elephants, and why Agile is more than just Scrum.
  • Glen Alleman looks at Agile project management through the lens of capabilities-based planning.
  • John Saddington quotes Alvin Toffler, and tells us he’s finding the same level of resistance to change in “progressive” companies as traditional organizations.
  • Lezette Engelbrecht reports on risk management, as they do it in South Africa.  As she says, it’s the invisible processes that can have the greatest impact.
  • Karen Quagliata has published her Buyer’s Guide: 9 SaaS Project Management Tools.
  • Ojiugo Ajunwa has the elevator pitch on what’s changing in the fifth edition of the PMBOK, due at the end of the year.
  • Holly Green has ten brainteasers, designed to see if you’re paying attention.


2 thoughts on “New PM Articles for the week of May 14 – 20

  1. Interesting article there on the amount of women in IT roles and the opportunity to build more diverse teams for better business results. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t new – we have known for some time that including women in senior teams results in better outcomes all round. The skills shortage is also a reason to broaden hiring opportunities out to people who look different from the existing teams. I also liked the resume makeover, what a great idea. Maybe it’s time to spruce up my own CV.

  2. Indeed. Anything we can do to diversify our workgroups – including more women, minorities, and different generations – helps mitigate against groupthink. It also ensures we have more sources of referrals for high quality new hires. And even if all that weren’t demonstrably true (which it is), it’s the ethical thing to do.

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