New PM Articles for the Week of December 10 – 16

New project management articles published on the web during the week of December 10 – 16, 2012.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Vincent McGevna details a process for effectively executing on the project schedule, while simultaneously updating it.  Highly recommended!
  • Elizabeth Harrin shares an anniversary video from the APM, celebrating the last 40 years of project management.  Three minutes, safe for work.
  • LeRoy Ward points out the problem many PM’s have with addressing project concerns to stakeholders – the knowledge / vocabulary gap.
  • Lynda Bourne offers a few tips to improve stakeholder management. 
  • Craig Curran-Morton shares with us the lessons learned from his failure. We should all be so humble and open to learning from experience.
  • Jennifer Whitt takes a tongue- in-cheek approach to deliberate improvement by sharing “How to Be the Worst Project Manager on the Planet: 11 Habits to Stop Now!”
  • John Tripp compares conversations with Social Media connections to those without the same connection.  He then ties the conclusion into Project Management with tips on how to decrease the time focusing on the past with status reports and increase focus on the future.
  • Tristan Wember shares his round-up of leadership articles from November.
  • Ron Rosenhead shows us how to push back on demands for one of our key project team members to be moved to another project.
  • Wendy Werblin notes that on change initiatives, perception is (most of) reality.
  • Barb at Vyrtunet puts a name to an old phenomenon: “The Urkel effect.”
  • Michiko Diby has some techniques we can apply to Dr. Arthur Shelley’s “Reflective Performance Cycle” article in the latest PM Journal.
  • Roz Baker bases the “build or buy” decision on your understanding of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and strategic direction.
  • Mary Shacklett identifies ten IT risks that are less than obvious, and often overlooked.
  • Marian Haus suggests we gather more than just requirements – document our assumptions, constraints, and dependencies.
  • Kailash Awati addresses quality, as a definition and as a perspective.
  • Myles Dannhausen reports from The Nerdery’s Overnight Web Challenge, where teams of ten are matched with non-profits to revamp their web sites in 24 hours.
  • Chuck Morton continues his series on “the well-formed schedule” with a post on estimating task effort and duration.
  • Glen Alleman contemplates the notion of “most likely,” referred to as the “mode” in statistics, and why the weather in Trinidad and Cody, Wyoming are dissimilar.
  • Toni Bowers shares a nifty infographic on the most common reasons employees leave their jobs, and what it costs to replace them.  Don’t contribute to turnover!
  • Global Knowledge and Tech Republic teamed up to deliver the “2012 IT Skills and Salary Report.”
  • Mike Griffiths provides a round-up of the Agile PM certifications that are out there.
  • Jay Garmon enumerates the top ten geek media franchises of all time.  Mal Reynolds and his crew made it to number 4!