New PM Articles for the Week of May 6 – 12

New project management articles published on the web during the week of May 6 – 12.  Dave and Sandra read all of this stuff so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Tres Roeder explains how to prioritize your stakeholders.
  • Brett Beaubouef explores aligning IT with business objectives.
  • Margaret Meloni reviews a simple and powerful process for conducting lessons learned.
  • Guillermo Solis gets back to the basics, with some pointers on how to manage successful meetings.
  • Esther Derby fills in the blank, “When I feel empowered, I can …”
  • Bruce Benson notes that project management consists primarily of team building.
  • Toby Wolpe explains that failure is acceptable.  In fact, to get good at it, you need to fail more often.
  • Cheri Baker has been talking to a few departing managers who just wanted to be allowed to do the right thing.
  • Toni Bowers, a fellow stickler for good grammar, points out some more mistakes in your resume.  And she didn’t even have to read it!
  • Harrison Smith asserts that, even while LinkedIn and Big Data are great “pull” solutions for recruiters, the resume will never die.
  • Soma Bhattacharya interviews Derek Huether, agile coach and blogger.
  • Paul Culmsee continues his series on powerful questions, with the key focus are question.  Just 23 minutes, safe for work.
  • Roman Pichler builds on user stories to form scenarios and storyboards.
  • Peter Dinham reports that a new survey conducted in Australia blames poor governance for a large number of failed major projects.
  • Mario Trentim argues that the key to maximizing the business benefits of your project portfolio lies in effective sponsorship.
  • Roger Grimes lists eleven signs your IT project is doomed.  Be sure to share this list with your project sponsor!
  • Dave Vellente interviews Kate Parsons of EMC on the success drivers of their SAP implementation, Project Propel.  Ten minutes, safe for work.
  • Michael Wood explains the difference between a framework and a methodology.
  • Kerry Wills was sitting at the airport, so he decided to share some random thoughts on business travel.


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  1. Thanks for the blog Dave, and Sandra. I continue to look forward to your insights early in the week. Hope all continues to go well with your endeavors.

  2. Glad you’re still reading it, Matt! I’m drafting up a series on data conversion, please let me know if it’s helpful.

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