New PM Articles for the Week of September 9 – 15

New project management articles published on the web during the week of September 9 –15.  We read all of this stuff (this week, over 120 items) so you don’t have to!  Recommended:

  • Samad Aidane interviews Dan Pink, author of “Drive” and “To Sell is Human.”  Just 31 minutes, safe for work, and worth every second!
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews software-as-a-service offering
  • Martin Webster assembles a comprehensive list of definitions of leadership.
  • Des Kirby nails it: “Leaders need vision, managers need objectives and KPIs.”
  • Soma Bhattacharya interviews Agile Coach Ellen Grove.
  • Peter Saddington summarizes the Agile Coach’s communication techniques.
  • Andy Jordan considers the way we deliver our verbal communications, and how much processing is required by our audience.
  • John Carroll applies The Single Principle of the Tao to communications with stakeholders.
  • Cheri Baker offers some facilitation techniques designed to get more participation in meetings.
  • Chuck Morton continues his series on the project status report, with a comprehensive list of content sections.
  • Bruce Benson is no fan of “zero in-box.”  In fact, his in-box count is a five figure number.
  • Roz Baker tells the story of an “accepted” risk that became an issue.
  • Andrew Makar share three lessons learned from a failed project.
  • Eric Ries, author of “The Lean Startup,” shares some insights on how to evolve a successful product.
  • Dan Schawbel offers some insights into why intrapreneurship works, for both millenials and their employers.
  • Christina Gagnier interviews California Franchise Tax Board CIO Cathy Cleek on her “crawl, walk, run” approach.  Five minutes, safe for work.
  • Brian Leach reflects on how physiology drives attitude, which drives change.
  • Ian Webster does his take on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits, for project managers.
  • Johanna Rothman debunks another myth: offshoring reduces costs.
  • Barry Hodge shares some resources for a project kickoff presentation.
  • Glen Alleman explains how to “install” earned value management on your project.  Or at least, how to have conversations about EVM.
  • Wayne Turmel (sort of) reviews “PM Workflow,” by Daniel Epstein and Rich Maltzman, in the context of managing distributed project teams.
  • Bertrand Duperrin wonders if “Big Data” will make the resume obsolete.  Is anyone else old enough to remember “door to door salesmen?”
  • Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley are excited about International Project Management Day (November 5, this year).
  • Kerry Wills explains how he keeps connected with all of the goings-on in his program.  Short version: a lot of conversations!