Amazon Prime – A Service Review

Reading My KindleI’m on my second Kindle. The first one was a second-generation device that Amazon discounted right after it arrived. I contacted them about the price drop, and to my surprise, they refunded the difference. The second one – a Kindle Fire – was a gift. I sold my original Kindle, still in excellent condition, back to Amazon for a $23 credit. To date, I’ve probably bought about 70 Kindle books. As you might guess, I’m a big fan of Amazon. I’m also a member of the Amazon Associates program, which is how I provide the PM Bookstore link on this site. The microscopic commissions aren’t a factor for me; the quality of the products and the service is why I like and recommend them. I feel about Amazon the same way I do about their Seattle neighbor, Costco (the other destination for my disposable income). Then about a year ago, I decided to try Amazon Prime.

If you live here in the U.S., Prime provides two day free shipping on any purchase. I hate to shop – growing up in your family’s retail business will do that to you. We buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, so that alone would justify the cost for us. Amazon also has video on demand, with about 40 thousand movies and television programs that Prime members can watch at no charge. This appeals to the Missus more than me. Naturally, the only television show I watch, “The Walking Dead,” isn’t on the free list, and we cancelled our cable service several years ago. I pay $1.75 per episode and watch it on my Kindle the next day. C’est la vie …

But the real attraction for someone who reads as much as I do is the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. I get to borrow books once a month, right from my Kindle. I just downloaded Deborah Miller’s new book, “Project Management: 7 Innovative Solutions to Today’s Project Management Challenges.” I’ll buy it if it seems worth the money, and I’ll write a review if it seems worth my time. In any event, I’ll borrow something else next month. When my book, “The Data Conversion Cycle,” comes out next month, Prime members will be able to borrow it. I hope you like it enough to buy it, or at least leave a review. But if all you do is borrow it, read it, and move on to the next book, I’ll understand.

I mention all of this because Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial of Prime. I rarely recommend products, especially services, because I find that sort of thing annoying in a blog devoted to a professional topic. But I’m making an exception in this case. Highly recommended. If you want to chime in (or offer a rebuttal), please leave a comment.

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