Agile Scout Kindle Giveaway!

Peter Saddington is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his blog, Agile Scout. And he has decided to give away three Kindle readers over the next three months, to celebrate. Click here for the details.

Agile Scout has been one of the best sources of news on Agile techniques and how they are actually being implemented, by real organizations. Peter is a trainer and consultant, and he spends a lot of his time and energy helping teams get their Agile act together. He’s one of the folks working in this space who has a balanced view of software development, so I tend to give his opinion a bit more weight than certain other folks, who need not be publicly shamed.

Reading My KindleRegarding the Kindle: we’re on our second Kindle, and between my wife and I, it gets used literally every day. Not just for books: you can download videos from Amazon Prime and watch them on the plane. My wife also uses it to play Spider Solitaire. But of course, we have well over a hundred books on our Kindle. The Kindle app on my laptop gets used from time to time, but the ability to sit in a comfortable chair and read can’t be beat.

Even if you already have a Kindle, stop by and congratulate Peter on his milestone.

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