Dr. Dobb’s Journal Shutting Down

For those of us who started out as programmers, Dr. Dobb’s Journal has long been a touchstone. Beginning as a newsletter, then a monthly magazine, and finally a web site, it has been a revered source of design principles, algorithms, and sample code demonstrating excellent practice for nearly forty years. But United Business Media is “sunsetting” DoctorDobbs.com. It certainly wasn’t due to a decline in the relevance or quality of the content. Editor Andrew Binstock’s farewell makes it clear that advertising revenues were sinking below the point necessary to survive, even in a year with a record number of page hits. It was a business decision that reflects what’s happening across the internet: vendors moving their spending from website ads to more fruitful options.

The Dr. Dobb’s site will still be up, and all of the links will still work, but no new content will be generated after the end of 2014. A tip of the hat goes out to all of the programmers who shared their knowledge for so many years, just for the joy of coding and the bragging rights of a DDJ by-line, and the editors who kept it all together. I won’t say that you were doing God’s work, but you sure made my work easier. Peace be with you.

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