New PM Articles for the Week of February 16 – 22

Ballon PassingNew project management articles published on the web during the week of February 16 – 22. We give you a high-level view so you can read what interests you. Recommended:

Must read!

  • The MIT Technology Review gets us caught up on recent advances in computer recognition of faces and other three-dimensional objects.
  • Mike Griffiths analyzes the growth of the various PMI professional credentials over the last ten years. The trends are interesting.
  • Kristin Yang uses animated gifs to show how she spends her day as a software development project manager. Because it’s not all Dilbert scenarios.

PM Best Practices

  • John Goodpasture reports on a recent exercise that demonstrated the value of letting small teams self-organize to solve a problem.
  • Harry Hall notes that a project’s greatest exposure to risk lies at the beginning, and suggests steps to reduce that exposure.
  • Nick Pisano explains why fast-tracking a project also involves taking on additional risks and accepting more waste.
  • Elizabeth Harrin interviews Susanne Madsen on the subject of her new book: “The Power of Project Leadership.”
  • Glen Alleman hacks away the Agilista pop-culture crap to get to a more rigorous definition of self-organizing.
  • Kerry Wills analyzes the spectrum of yellow that falls between Green and Red in our status reports.

Agile Methods

  • Cornelius Fichtner interviews Michael Smith on the concepts and practice of conscious software development. Just 31 minutes, safe for work.
  • Paul Ritchie gives us his summary of PMI’s “Pule of the Profession” report, and their findings on how high-performing project management organizations are more agile.
  • Mike Cohn is a firm proponent of a “definition of done,” but points out that there are cases where teams benefit from defining different levels of done.
  • Neil Killick examines a Twittersphere Scrum controversy, and suggests that the case in point misses an opportunity to investigate the underlying problem.
  • Derek Huether notes that even a co-located team needs a process framework and a communication tool.
  • Bart Gerardi makes the case for including the entire team in preparing estimates.
  • Pawel Brodzinski rolls out an interesting estimation and planning tool: No Bullshit Estimation Cards. Yeah, I got yer Fibonacci, right here …
  • Sumit Sharma makes the point that the product backlog isn’t just prioritized, but ordered.

Soft Skills

  • Cesar Abeid interviews writer, speaker, and podcaster Mike Vardy on his minimalist approach to personal productivity. Just 54 minutes, safe for work.
  • Bruce Harpham gets into the why and how of self-motivation.
  • Gina Abudi lists our bullets for practices that will help us improve our concentration by screening out distractions.
  • Michael Lopp shares his non-judgmental take on the behaviors you’ll likely see in a conversation.
  • Bruce Benson tells us how he responds when a colleague announces that he’s leaving for another opportunity.
  • Tracey Richardson and colleagues report on their research into how project managers got into the profession. Mostly, by accident.