New PM Articles for the Week of March 2 – 8

Chapel in the SkyNew project management articles published on the web during the week of March 2 – 8. We give you a high-level view so you can read what interests you. This week’s flyover balloon has a sign proclaiming it to be “The Little White Chapel in the Sky.” Schedule an Elvis impersonator to officiate your hot air balloon wedding – only in Las Vegas!

Must read!

  • Hendrie Weisinger begins a new series based on his book, “Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most.”
  • Coert Visser reports on some recent research into mind-wandering. You know: like what happens during a tedious meeting? It might actually be a good thing, at times.
  • Rachel Bertsche introduces us to four folks in their late twenties who share their stories of how they worked their way into project management opportunities. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably in a position to help someone, like you were helped. Pay it forward!

PM Best Practices

  • Pawel Brodzinski looks at alternative ways to approach multiple projects in a portfolio.
  • Glen Alleman defines governance, at the business, IT department, and program level, and tells us why it’s necessary.
  • Michael Ipsaro gives us a tutorial on milestone decisions.
  • John Goodpasture gets us to the most applicable stuff in probability and Statistics, for project managers.
  • Gina Abudi presents a case study in resolving conflict with four long-term vendors. This is the first in what appears to be a series of three.
  • Ron Rosenhead shares the Rosenhead Manifesto, on preventing scope creep.
  • Allen Ruddock explains why lessons learned often don’t get implemented.
  • Nick Pisano notes four trends in project management that keep coming up in conferences, as well as in practice.

Agile Methods

  • Peter Saddington recommends that, in order to use Jira successfully, don’t try to use it for everything.
  • Michael Prom explains how Agile methods can be used to develop medical devices, and other products with extensive compliance requirements.
  • Henny Portman reviews Jeff Sutherland’s new book, “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.” As Henny notes, it’s more about “why” than “how.” Doesn’t the title do that?
  • Johanna Rothman contemplates people management, performance management, and compensation management, using servant leadership concepts.

Soft Skills

  • Scott Berkun interviews Phil Simon on his new book, “Message Not Received: Why Business Communication is Broken and How to Fix it.”
  • Susanne Madsen notes that effective leaders are into conversations – especially the tough conversations.
  • Lynda Bourne refers to a recent survey that indicates the soft skills are valued above academic achievement. And they’re perceived to be in short supply.
  • Bruce Harpham lists seven behaviors for making meetings effective.
  • Cesar Abeid interviews Dev Ramcharan on taking control of your career. Just over an hour, safe for work, and well worth your time.
  • Ruffin Veal recalls his transition from programmer to business analyst to project manager, as a teachable moment.
  • Pam Stanton reminds us that everything we need to know about working on projects, we learned in Kindergarten.
  • Elizabeth Harrin reviews Susanne Madsen’s new book, The Power of Project Leadership.”
  • Harry Hall identifies the mistakes we make in managing our assumptions.
  • Soma Bhattacharya shares her approach to balancing work, blogging, and motherhood. It’s all about staying organized.