New PM Articles for the Week of June 29 – July 5

Red Balloon OverheadNew project management articles published on the web during the week of June 29 – July 5. We give you a high-level view so you can read what interests you. Our theme this week is productivity and job satisfaction. Recommended:

Must read!

  • Travis Bradberry clues us in to what the most productive people do differently.
  • Suzanne Lucas reveals some interesting nuggets in a recent survey: we feel overwhelmed at work, but 86 percent of us are still motivated.
  • Susanne Madsen points out that engaging the project team and including them in the planning process reduces the amount of “chasing” required to get them to complete their tasks.

PM Best Practices

  • Michael Wood questions some of our assumptions about project management.
  • David Cotgreave lists the benefits of outsourcing project management.
  • Glen Alleman notes that “populist books” generally don’t provide enough of an understanding to actually use most of the ideas In them.
  • Andy Jordan examines change management at the portfolio level.

Agile Methods

  • Mike Cohn argues that the product owner needs to take a product life-cycle view when prioritizing development.
  • Rick Waters explains how to track and communicate accumulated technical debt with a fishing metaphor.
  • Marco Behler finally finished his Customer Requirements eBook. Subtitle: “Everything Programmers Need to Know Before Writing Code.”


Podcasts and Videos

  • Elizabeth Harrin shares a video from the APM’s Women in Project Management SIG, on PM careers for women. Less than five minutes, safe for work.
  • Rich Maltzman presents a recent announcement from GreenTouch, a telecom service provider consortium achieving astounding power reduction results. Four minutes, safe for work.
  • Craig Smith and Renee Troughton have a wide-ranging chat on their recent reading, including things that echo Travis Bradberry’s message. Just 50 minutes, safe for work.