New PM Articles for the Week of October 24 – 30

New project management articles published on the web during the week of October 24 – 30. And this week’s video: Garland “Captain Time” Coulson explains how to be more productive by working in a coffee shop. Just eight minutes, safe for work. And yes, I finished this list at a Starbucks under the influence of a triple venti latte.

Must read!

  • Most of the countries in Europe and Asia that observe Daylight Savings Time returned to Standard Time over the weekend (October 30). And the countries in North America will return to Standard Time next weekend (November 6). If you are working across continents, check here to see whose clock shifted.
  • Ron Carucci explains how to integrate strategic thinking into your day to day management activities.
  • Beth Spriggs looks at the cost of indecision, and how to avoid it.

Established Methods

  • John Goodpasture provides the best quote of the week: “Checklists are found between the milestones.”
  • Stuart Easton examines several discredited methods for prioritizing projects in a portfolio that are inexplicably still in wide use.
  • Mary Shacklett recommends an approach for evaluating project management software.
  • Jennifer Lonoff Schiff enumerates a process for achieving IT department goals, using project management tools and mindset.
  • Christopher Cook considers entrepreneurial project management through two philosophical lenses: the western Stoicism and the eastern Taoism. Interesting.

Agile Methods

  • Stefan Wolpers posts his weekly round-up of Agile articles, blog posts, and other content.
  • Johanna Rothman continues her series on the roles of coaches and managers in Agile transformations.
  • Mike Cohn suggests three new books for your Agile methods reading list.
  • Brian Jones tells how Virginia Tech introduced Scrum to teams with operational responsibilities, to split their time with product development responsibilities.
  • Luis Seabra explains servant leadership, based on Robert K. Greenleaf’s essay “The servant as leader”, published in 1970.
  • The Clever PM wants us to INVEST in our user stories. Yes, it’s a clever acronym – read it anyway.
  • Jutta Eckstein explains the “Sociocratic approach” to management and how to apply it in modern hierarchical organizations.

Applied Leadership

  • Lolly Daskal provides some diagnostics, in case you suspect your emotional intelligence is not up to the task of getting you through your day.
  • Coert Vissar notes that when someone says a topic is boring, there may be some element of performance anxiety involved.
  • Marcel Schwantes lists ten phrases that will help you be perceived as more trustworthy. Of course, you must mean them to be trustworthy.
  • Seth Godin observes how the professional wrestling mindset has infiltrated our politics and out workplaces.

Technology and Techniques

  • Matthew Squair distills the technology and security lessons from this week’s denial-of-service attack by an IoT botnet.
  • Sahil Miglani explains the difference between Small Data and Big Data.
  • Brendan Toner starts a three-part series contrasting hierarchical and flat task lists in personal productivity applications.

Working and the Workplace

  • Suzanne Lucas gets us ready for the return to Standard Time by pointing out that Seasonal Affective Disorder has the potential to impact our health and productivity.
  • Yuki Noguchi reports on the growing evidence that noisy co-workers reduce productivity. The days of cubicle work spaces may be numbered.
  • Belle Cooper suggests we re-think how we spend our leisure time. There’s more to it than just not working. Like blogging …