New PM Articles for the Week of December 18 – 24

New project management articles published on the web during the week of December 18 – 24. Happy holidays to you and your families and teams! May 2018 be the year that you aspire for it to be, rather than the one you fear it might be. And this week’s video: First Aid Kit sings their homage to Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons with Emmylou in the audience. Just over five minutes, safe for work.

Must read!

  • Jeff Stibel explains that the brain needs sleep to remove toxic waste by-products. If you go about 200 hours without sleeping you’ll probably die. Take THAT, Warren Zevon! 5 minutes to read.
  • Karen Frances Eng summarizes recent research into the way the enteric nervous system works. As it turns out, we really do think with our gut. 5 minutes to read.
  • Kristen Wong reveals the keys top being a better listener—asking questions and empathy. 5 minutes to read.

Established Methods

  • Drew Davison examines the Canadian federal government payroll replacement project as an example of a huge initiative that didn’t go as well as expected and generated more problems than savings. 10 minutes to read.
  • Jigs Gaton identifies a key learning from the Equifax breach—find the overdue tasks—and then shares a technique for flagging them in MS Project. 7 minutes to read.
  • Kiron Bondale shares a few thoughts on effective processes for risk identification. 2 minutes to read.
  • Mike Clayton lists what he feels are the best project management books, from beginner intros to specialized topics and the really technical stuff. 12 minutes to read.
  • Harold Kerzner makes his predictions for how project management will continue to evolve in 2018. 5 minutes to read.
  • Amy Hamilton looks back at 2017 and ahead to 2018 from the intersection of cybersecurity and project management. 3 minutes to read.

Agile Methods

  • Data ConversionCornelius Fichtner interviews Betsy Stockdale on the life cycle of Agile requirements, writing better user stories and testable acceptance criteria. Podcast, 31 minutes, safe for work.
  • Mike Cohn explains why Agile teams must become comfortable with a degree of uncertainty. “You need an answer, but do you need the answer before starting?” 5 minutes to read.
  • Ringo Thomas interviews Alistair Cockburn on the Heart of Agile, his updated approach to Agile methods. Video, 32 minutes, safe for work.
  • Dave Prior and Derek Huether review two student questions from students who have recently taken a CSM or CSPO course. Video, 20 minutes, safe for work.
  • Bob Martin notes, “The parallels between double-entry accounting and test-driven development deep end Plentiful.” 5 minutes to read.

Applied Leadership

  • Mike Griffiths recounts an anecdote that illustrates the need to understand the organizational culture before attempting to introduce changes.
  • Johanna Rothman concludes her series on building an organizational culture on respect and safety. 4 minutes to read.
  • Leigh Espy reminds us that project managers, as much as visionaries and dreamers, change the world. 2 minutes to read.
  • Harry Hall explores three decision-making models and explains why decision management should be part of our project management plan. 3 minutes to read.

Technology, Techniques, and Human Behavior

  • Magnifying Glass ManSuzanne Lucas considers the pros and cons of facial recognition technology in accessing (and securing) corporate data. 3 minutes to read.
  • Jaime Green describes divergent brainstorming, where the goal is quantity, rather than quality. 2 minutes to read.
  • Antonio Uncal applies two key principles from quantum physics to project management: superposition and complementarity. It’s a nerdy metaphor, but it beats that pig-and-chicken Agile meme. 4 minutes to read.
  • Connor Forrest summarizes an editorial from a Homeland Security official that attributes the WannaCry attack earlier this year (and many others going back to 2009) to North Korea. 3 minutes to read.

Working and the Workplace

  • Priya Sanjeevi Raja identifies useful techniques for managing virtual teams. 6 minutes to read.
  • Matt Plummer notes both the dysfunctional and effective approaches to feeling refreshed after the holiday season. 5 minutes to read.
  • Tiffanie Wen collates the data from job sites and recruiting experts to find the optimal time to search for a new job. 4 minutes to read.


New PM Articles for the Week of December 18 – 24
Article Name
New PM Articles for the Week of December 18 – 24
New project management articles published on the web during the week of December 18 – 24
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