New PM Articles for the Week of February 24 – March 1

New project management articles published on the web during the week of February 24 – March 1. And this week’s video: Mike Clayton suggests a routine to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed by pruning and prioritizing your to-do list, and then working it aggressively. 9 minutes, safe for work.

Ethics, Business Acumen and Strategy

  • Pierre Haren and David Simchi-Levi expect that the full impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain will hit us in mid-March and could continue for months. 4 minutes to read.
  • Edd Gent reports that tech manufacturing depends on 23 rare minerals that have significant supply chain risk. The analysis is as interesting as the finding. 3 minutes to read.
  • David Rotman reports that Moore’s Law is dead (sort of) and explains what that will mean for the trajectory of technology. 9 minutes to read.

Managing Projects

  • Elizabeth Harrin shares ten tips for preparing meeting minutes. You can delegate notetaking but take responsibility for preparing the minutes! 6 minutes to read.
  • Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritter suggest a framework for predicting the chances of success for your new Big Data project. 7 minutes to read.
  • Erik van Hurck shares three tips for working with Microsoft Planner. 5 minutes to read.
  • Kiron Bondale suggests an interesting technique for increasing alignment on delivery approaches: uncertainty poker. 3 minutes to read.
  • Glen Alleman posted a list of books and documents that should be of use to teams who are engineering complex systems. 3 minutes to read.
  • Johanna Rothman examines the merits of collecting labor hours expended for capitalizing projects. Abandon all expectation of accuracy and you’ll be fine. 5 minutes to read.

Managing Software Development

  • Stefan Wolpers curates his weekly list of Agile content, from liberating structures to measuring a complex reality to making decisions in complex situations. 7 outbound links, 4 minutes to read.
  • Andre Schweighofer tells how the Adidas tech team decided to stop estimating story points and found a more effective approach for the way they worked. 6 minutes to read.
  • Craig Brown talks about backlog bankruptcy—having so much on the backlog that you can never get down to zero. 2 minutes to read.
  • Nishi Grover Garg explains the tester’s notion of bug advocacy, and when to advocate. Think about encouraging your testers to be advocates. 3 minutes to read.
  • Tom Cagely interviews Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley on their new book, Fixing Your Scrum: Practical solutions to common Scrum problems. Podcast, 40 minutes, safe for work.
  • Robb Pieper discusses the pros and cons of having technical or business domain knowledge as a Scrum Master. Video, 2 minutes, safe for work.

Applied Leadership

  • Greg Satell focuses on the lessons learned about leading change in Lou Gerstner’s tenure as CEO of IBM. 5 minutes to read.
  • Karin Hurt coaches us on how to manage a strong, arrogant, slightly obnoxious high performer. 4 minutes to read.
  • Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy tells us how to introduce ourselves as the PM on a new project. Video, 13 minutes, safe for work.
  • Jamie Davidson suggests nine tips for developing great remote management skills. 5 minutes to read.
  • Art Petty sums up the way we assess effective leadership in others as the Four C’s. 4 minutes to read.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

  • Eric Griffith dives into the FBI’s cybercrime statistics for insights into the what might be the biggest threats. 3 minutes to read.
  • Gilad David Maayan shares proven practices for responding to Big Data breaches. 5 minutes to read.
  • Joan Goodchild reports on the growing debate over whether foreign-made tech products can be made safe for use by the US government in critical infrastructure. Yes, they mean Huawei. 3 minutes to read.

Pot Pourri

  • Elizabeth Grace Saunders suggests self-care for working parents approaching burn-out. 6 minutes to read.
  • Leigh Espy lists seven reasons why networking is critical for a successful career. 4 minutes to read.


New PM Articles for the Week of February 24 – March 1
Article Name
New PM Articles for the Week of February 24 – March 1
New project management articles published on the web during the week of February 24 – March 1
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