New Post at MPUG: Add a Cutover Weekend to MS Project

My latest article for MPUG  was published today: Add a Cutover Weekend Calendar to MS Project.

Part of the challenge in scheduling weekend work in Microsoft Project is isolating that “exception” weekend to just the tasks of interest. In this article, I show how to create a special-purpose calendar that inherits the holidays already defined in the main calendar, but identifies selected days that aren’t normally working days as exceptions. This calendar can then be applied to whatever tasks are in scope for that working weekend. I also show how to apply exceptions to specific resources, so weekend tasks can be assigned to them.

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New Post at AITS: Status Reports News and Information

My latest article for AITS was published today: Status Reports: Separating Information from News.

Cartoon News ReadersIt’s important to think like a journalist when writing status reports: be clear, concise, and engage the reader by creating a narrative. Tell a story that the reader wants to finish. But not everything in your status report should be news—you also need to mix in information, showing trends and data in a digestible format. The goal should be to help your stakeholders have a better understanding of the work planned, completed, and in progress so they can make better decisions and help to champion the project.

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New Post at MPUG: How to Add Your Holiday Schedule to MS Project

My first article for MPUG was published today: How to Add Your Organization’s Holiday Schedule to MS Project.

As I recently pointed out to another project manager, there aren’t four work weeks in either November or December.  Fortunately, if you’re using Microsoft Project, you can define non-working days in order to prevent the embarrassment of a deliverable coming due on Thanksgiving Day. I also show how to create alternate calendars for team members in other countries or special events, like cutovers, and apply them to Resources and Tasks.

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